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Hi Hart Beat. Here it is again, Monday morning. While I love my job, Monday’s can still get the better of me (especially after a wonderfully restful weekend). On Friday our girl Jo linked to a great site called The Pep Talk Generator that I think deserves a little bit of our attention right now.

Life is hard, you know that already. If you didn’t know that you probably wouldn’t be here reading this. But knowing almost makes things easier doesn’t it? You’ve done this before, you’ve felt this before, and yes it sucks but you’ve overcome it every single time. Your talent, intelligence, beauty, and boobs are greater than whatever thing this is. They will outshine your problems every time. You are a babe, and do you know what babes do? They fight back. And they win. So get back in the ring and earn yourself a KO. And never forget: Babes Fight Back.
Winter Sherrod

The project is run by a collective of baller women called Babe Vibes who conduct interviews with other baller women and make projects with the interviews. One of the projects that Babes Vibes has pulled together is a real live happy thought generator that you can read over and over again this morning to get a little positivity in this Monday morning.

The first (and best) quote that I got is the one above here but I’ve also pulled together some of the other inspirational words so that you can get a whole lot of loving without even clicking your mouse.

Hey you. Good news: No one knows what they are doing. Better news: You get to make mistakes. Best news: You get to keep trying again until you find the right fit. So… focus on one thing and one day at a time. Keep your head down. Work hard. Fail quickly. Move on. Go!
Elise Blaha Cripe

You rock. You might not realize it at times, but you really do. You have a unique voice and outlook that is worth sharing. Sometimes you may question this because you see others doing things cool things. You want to do those cool things too? Go ahead and do them. Experiment, get creative, start that project you have been dreaming about. The only thing standing between you and what you want to be doing is (spoiler alert)… DOING IT. Go for it, babe. Focus on what you love. Try to enjoy every minute of it and build something you are proud of.
Amy Tangerine

Get it, girl.
Jordan A. Smith

Protect Your Heart

Top photo via me and bottom photo via @isabella.chan

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