Roll up your sleeves


Hi Hart Beat! This past week Pedro and I discovered (heavy on the Pedro side of things) the new Spotify feature called “Discover Weekly.” It’s hidden on the side left of your browser under your “Starred” playlist. If you haven’t gotten on the Spotify train yet then this is another reason to hop on. ALL ABOARD SPOTIFY. (No I do not work for them.)

Anyway…. what “Discover Weekly” does is just what it sounds like. The program pulls together a weekly playlist customized just for you. Every Monday the playlist updates so you have an entire week to mull over what robots think you will like. Pedro says that this week his playlist is on point and I have to say that mine is 50/50. I def have an eclectic mix of music taste so I forgive you, Spotify robots.

One of the songs that I do love from this week’s picks is a song that came out this past March. It’s by the singer Meg Mac (baller name girl) and it has just the right amount of hand-clapping, girl loving to make it one that I’ll listen to over and over again. Have you heard this one, Hart Beat? I thought of you when I heard it and think you will like it too.

Meg Mac’s “Roll Up Your Sleeves”

P.S. Meg was on Daytrotter this past April and sings a great acoustic version there..

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