Official 2015 Summer Anthem


I don’t care what the mainstream media is saying about this summer lacking an official “summer anthem.” While most major news media can’t decide on what 2015 summer means to all of us sitting on the beach and drinking beers in the parks, I have a bold claim to make on the subject. The 2015 summer anthem is here and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem, not summers. “Déjà vu” came out this late spring to screaming fans (at least I was screaming) celebrating Giorgio Moroder’s return to the dance and electronica scene.

For those of you not familiar with Giorgio’s work, NPR had a great interview with the composer a few weeks ago that is definitely worth a listen. In this new(ish) single, Giorgio partners with the pop-icon of the decade, Sia, in a song that is both addictive and dance worthy. What else does a summer anthem need?

If you are familiar with my taste in music (plug here for the official Hart Beat playlist) then you will definitely love this song. And take to twitter people! Let the public know that the official 2015 summer anthem is here and it is ready to be enjoyed by the masses. Unless you disagree, which I would be curious to hear. Oh and P.S. the official video for the song (see below) is amazing.

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