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Hi Hart Beat. I have some exciting and big life news to share with you today! As most of you have gathered from reading this here blog, a year ago I started dating the amazing Pedro (our anniversary was actually this past Tuesday!). With this one year mark we decided to make another big life event and as of the beginning of September we will officially be living together.

Moving in with Pedro has been on my radar for a while now. As my Greenpoint roommates can attest, for the past several months I’ve spend about on average three or four nights a month in my apartment. And that’s being generous. Pedro and I started talking about moving in together and what that actually meant a while ago. Would we move into my Greenpoint apartment? Find another one for us and Pedro’s two dogs? Or move into Pedro’s Bay Ridge apartment? Since I’ve lived in a forced three bedroom apartment for the past three years, my Greenpoint apartment was out of the mix almost immediately. We thought about finding a new apartment, but the search in Brooklyn is nearly impossible, especially for a couple on a budget with two dogs.

Ultimately we decided it made the most sense for me to move into Pedro’s one bedroom apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As you can see on the map below, Bay Ridge and Greenpoint are on the two opposite sides of Brooklyn along the East River.

Greenpoint vs Bau Ridge

It was hard for me to think about leaving Greenpoint as it was my first home and neighborhood in New York and I’ve loved getting to know all of the stores, bike routes, people and restaurants that make it such a special place. When it came down to it though, I would rather spend my time with Pedro than living in a neighborhood so far away from him. And thus the move to Bay Ridge. Moving out was tough at first, I had a friend recommend I use something like We Buy Houses to help the place sell quicker. This was something I kind of wanted, as I was very keen to move in with Pedro.

Pedro’s (and mine now!) apartment is a really nice one bedroom with a pretty decent sized kitchen and living room, it’s even got home security camera internet monitoring!
It’s way newer than my industrial once project building in Greenpoint and for that, I am very grateful. Even though it’s nice, Pedro and I are putting some work into the apartment, painting and such. I’ll have some posts for you in the upcoming months about the apartment renovation.

For now though, I just wanted to give you the update, say a little goodbye to Greenpoint, and officially welcome in this next new, exciting and love-filled development in my life.

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