Limited edition MCMC x TALON fragrance

Afternoon, Hart Beat! After the big news I told you this morning, let’s talk about something a little more light..


My favorite perfume company MCMC just announced that they’re collaborating with the jewelry line TALON for a new, limited edition summer fragrance. The scent is based on rose petals, patchouli, Somalian myrrh and amber (those last three I don’t know but ROSE PETALS GUYS). It sounds lovely and if it’s anything like MCMC’s other fragrances then I know it will be a treat.

And littletip from me to you on these oil based scents. Roll some of onto the tips of your fingers and then rub it into the tips of your hair. The oil will smooth your hair and the smell lasts longer in your hair so you’ll smell good longer.



Beautiful photos of the sisters behind MCMC by The Urban Vikings for their blog.

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