Instagram life vs. Real life

Hey Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about Instagram and life and jealousy and photography and feelings. Mkay?


Instagram has been around for a while now in internet speak and even though it may be a dinosaur of sorts, it can’t be argued that it is now the place to be right now. In that vein I feel like there’s something I want to get out there about Instagram in general and the way that it portrays our lives.

I’ve wrestled for a while about weather or not I want this post should live here on Hart Beat. Ultimately, it’s something that my friends and I come back to again and again so in that vein, I think that this is the place to air the topic. I laughed when I read the series The Cut has been putting together. It’s called “I Like This Bitches Life” and in it they’ve talked about Molly Yeh, Love Taza, Amy Merrick and more. The idea that you can covet someone else’s life so much without knowing them is a phenomenon that I know all to well.

The way we portray ourselves on the internet isn’t always real. It may sound stupid saying that but I think it needs to be put out there more. There are so many beautiful and aspirational accounts (many I’ve shared here) that it can get depressing scrolling through them again and again. When I look at them I start to wonder what’s wrong with me and why I can’t have the things that these people have (commonly known as fomo). I’m not sure what the solution is here, Hart Beat, but I think the first step is talking about it. Transparency is important and if we all band together to talk about these things, then maybe we all will feel less alone.

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Top photo via tumblr and second one from @posehh.


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