#HappyFriday: VACATION!!

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Oh Hart Beat. We did it. It’s Friday! This week seemed extra long, probably because starting tomorrow I’m going to be on vacation for a week. For this week away from work and away from the city, I’ve decided to take an internet hiatus as well. I’m removing email, facebook, reddit, and all my podcast apps from my phone for the week to try and sit back and relax. Don’t worry instagram friends, that’s the one thing that I’ll keep going this week.

For now, here are a slew of links that I loved checking out and reading this week. Additionally below I’ve pulled together a bunch of older posts that I’ve loved writing over the years for your enjoyment. See you next week, Hart Beat

Links from the interwebs:

– Fashion in Buenos Aires.

– The brilliance behind the fashion brand Reformation.

Illustrations of New York by a New Yorker.

– Gwyneth, we love to hate and be jealous of you.

– Find out how many hipsters live in your zip code.

Thoughts on clothing.

Visit the south of France vicariously through a brilliant blogger.

Links from Hannah Hart Beat:

A series on the 5 things I’ve learned since turning 25:
1. Self preservation and caring for that face of yours.
2. Shoes with heels are small torture devices.
3. Retirement savings are like, kind of important.
4. A woman’s body is like a rubric’s cube.
5. Good for you, not for me.

Follow the official Hannah Hart Beat playlist to catch up on all the songs I love.

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