Goodbye, Professor Blastoff


Evening, Hart Beat. This is a niche post so, disclaimer in advance. For those of you who know me, you know that I’ve been a podcast fan for years. I started a Podcast series this spring but it kind of fell of the map (whoopsie). Anyway, last Tuesday marked a sad day where one of my favorite podcasts said goodbye. Last Tuesday the beloved Professor Blastoff, a weekly discussion based podcast hosted by comedians David Huntsberger, Kyle Dunnigan, and Tig Notaro, announced that it would be ending the show for good. Yesterday morning was the first Tig/kyle/David-less Tuesday since the first episode in 2011.

I’ve been going back and listening to the episodes since the beginning and thought that if there ever was a time to plug the show, it would be now. The three comedians careers are taking off (or walking on air? inside podcast joke, sorry) and that is really the heart of the reason for the end of the show. By listening to the show over the years (or binge listening as is appropriate now) really let’s you get to know the comedians and enjoy their work even more.

If you’re new to the podcast, here are my three favorite episodes to start with. In addition, if you’re really not a podcast person, Tig Notaro’s new Netflix documentary just launched and is worth a watch (you can see the trailer below).

Episode #200: Advice

Episode #190: Tig’s Love Life

Episode #201: Dog Rescue

Episode #154: Social Media

Episode #35: Oceans

Photo from the Professor Blastoff site.

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