An ode to summer naps

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Hello Hart Beat. We did it. We made it through to the end of the week. Whew. Summer is my favorite time of year but, as much as I love my job, sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk and look over outside the window next to me I can’t believe I’m sitting inside on such a beautiful day. Other than going to the beach, and drinking an Old Fashioned on a rooftop bar, my favorite summer activity is taking a little siesta.

I know what you’re asking right now. Oh Hannah, don’t you always love taking naps? Honestly, Hart Beat, the answer is yes. I love taking naps. But napping in the summer is on it’s own plateau of heavenliness. I think it’s something about the summer air and the breeze that blows through your open window. It’s magical.

Over the past few months the Food52 office was redone. It is a gorgeous space and I feel very lucky to come into work every day. The only bummer is about five feet from my desk is the comfiest looking couch known to man. It beckons at me everyday for an afternoon siesta. Sadly, ever day I have to say no. Sorry couch, such sad times.Maybe when I own my own company someday I can give into the desire to close my eyes for twenty minutes (more like an hour, amiright?)

Photo via Homepolish.

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