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#HappyFriday: VACATION!!

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Oh Hart Beat. We did it. It’s Friday! This week seemed extra long, probably because starting tomorrow I’m going to be on vacation for a week. For this week away from work and away from the city, I’ve decided to take an internet hiatus as well. I’m removing email, facebook, reddit, and all my podcast apps from my phone for the week to try and sit back and relax. Don’t worry instagram friends, that’s the one thing that I’ll keep going this week.

For now, here are a slew of links that I loved checking out and reading this week. Additionally below I’ve pulled together a bunch of older posts that I’ve loved writing over the years for your enjoyment. See you next week, Hart Beat

Links from the interwebs:

– Fashion in Buenos Aires.

– The brilliance behind the fashion brand Reformation.

Illustrations of New York by a New Yorker.

– Gwyneth, we love to hate and be jealous of you.

– Find out how many hipsters live in your zip code.

Thoughts on clothing.

Visit the south of France vicariously through a brilliant blogger.

Links from Hannah Hart Beat:

A series on the 5 things I’ve learned since turning 25:
1. Self preservation and caring for that face of yours.
2. Shoes with heels are small torture devices.
3. Retirement savings are like, kind of important.
4. A woman’s body is like a rubric’s cube.
5. Good for you, not for me.

Follow the official Hannah Hart Beat playlist to catch up on all the songs I love.

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Limited edition MCMC x TALON fragrance

Afternoon, Hart Beat! After the big news I told you this morning, let’s talk about something a little more light..


My favorite perfume company MCMC just announced that they’re collaborating with the jewelry line TALON for a new, limited edition summer fragrance. The scent is based on rose petals, patchouli, Somalian myrrh and amber (those last three I don’t know but ROSE PETALS GUYS). It sounds lovely and if it’s anything like MCMC’s other fragrances then I know it will be a treat.

And littletip from me to you on these oil based scents. Roll some of onto the tips of your fingers and then rub it into the tips of your hair. The oil will smooth your hair and the smell lasts longer in your hair so you’ll smell good longer.



Beautiful photos of the sisters behind MCMC by The Urban Vikings for their blog.

Moving in with Pedro

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Hi Hart Beat. I have some exciting and big life news to share with you today! As most of you have gathered from reading this here blog, a year ago I started dating the amazing Pedro (our anniversary was actually this past Tuesday!). With this one year mark we decided to make another big life event and as of the beginning of September we will officially be living together. It might be a good time to learn from Ds Carriers to understand how I’m going to move all my stuff in with Pedro.

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Goodbye, Professor Blastoff


Evening, Hart Beat. This is a niche post so, disclaimer in advance. For those of you who know me, you know that I’ve been a podcast fan for years. I started a Podcast series this spring but it kind of fell of the map (whoopsie). Anyway, last Tuesday marked a sad day where one of my favorite podcasts said goodbye. Last Tuesday the beloved Professor Blastoff, a weekly discussion based podcast hosted by comedians David Huntsberger, Kyle Dunnigan, and Tig Notaro, announced that it would be ending the show for good. Yesterday morning was the first Tig/kyle/David-less Tuesday since the first episode in 2011.

I’ve been going back and listening to the episodes since the beginning and thought that if there ever was a time to plug the show, it would be now. The three comedians careers are taking off (or walking on air? inside podcast joke, sorry) and that is really the heart of the reason for the end of the show. By listening to the show over the years (or binge listening as is appropriate now) really let’s you get to know the comedians and enjoy their work even more.

If you’re new to the podcast, here are my three favorite episodes to start with. In addition, if you’re really not a podcast person, Tig Notaro’s new Netflix documentary just launched and is worth a watch (you can see the trailer below).

Episode #200: Advice

Episode #190: Tig’s Love Life

Episode #201: Dog Rescue

Episode #154: Social Media

Episode #35: Oceans

Photo from the Professor Blastoff site.

Lara Odell = My life


Working at Food52 gives me so much access and introduction to amazing cooks and writers but lately we’ve been pulling together some great illustrations on the site. When I clicked through to see who the artist was I was blown away and laughed away by Laura Odell’s work.

Laura has a wide range of work but my favorites are all of the small illustrations that she pulled together on this site.  The top one here amiright? Shoutout to Bates Commons there (I see you Star Trek). I feel like this is my life on the subway and in the office elevator. WHY EYES WHY. Some of my other favorites by Laura are here too.




My favorite beach getaway from Brooklyn

Hello Hart Beat and hello Monday. Let’s forget Monday and pretend it’s Saturday instead. Okay?

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My first year in New York I was under the (common) misconception that New York City had the misfortune of being in the northeast and therefor residing far, far away from any actual beach. Thankfully in my second year living in Brooklyn I discovered that there is SUCH an easy way to get to beautiful beaches from the city. So easy in fact, that Carolyn and I successfully visited the beach almost every weekend last year and this year without having a car in the city.

How do you ask?? The answer is simple: the LIRR. About eight times a day the LIRR travels out to Long Beach on Long Island. The Long Beach stop is about four blocks from the board walk and white sand beach. It may not be as flashy as Jones Beach or have the tacos like Rockaway BUT the roundtrip ticket plus beach pass is only $22. You can buy the “getaway” package at Penn or Atlantic station at the kiosks and it makes your day super easy. Carolyn and I will text each other at nine in the morning on a beautiful Saturday and then in less than an hour and a half we’re sitting pretty on one of the most beautiful beaches.

So there you go, Hart Beat. An easy and inexpensive way to get that tan you dream of, all while living in the best city in the world.

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Roll up your sleeves


Hi Hart Beat! This past week Pedro and I discovered (heavy on the Pedro side of things) the new Spotify feature called “Discover Weekly.” It’s hidden on the side left of your browser under your “Starred” playlist. If you haven’t gotten on the Spotify train yet then this is another reason to hop on. ALL ABOARD SPOTIFY. (No I do not work for them.)

Anyway…. what “Discover Weekly” does is just what it sounds like. The program pulls together a weekly playlist customized just for you. Every Monday the playlist updates so you have an entire week to mull over what robots think you will like. Pedro says that this week his playlist is on point and I have to say that mine is 50/50. I def have an eclectic mix of music taste so I forgive you, Spotify robots.

One of the songs that I do love from this week’s picks is a song that came out this past March. It’s by the singer Meg Mac (baller name girl) and it has just the right amount of hand-clapping, girl loving to make it one that I’ll listen to over and over again. Have you heard this one, Hart Beat? I thought of you when I heard it and think you will like it too.

Meg Mac’s “Roll Up Your Sleeves”

P.S. Meg was on Daytrotter this past April and sings a great acoustic version there..

Cape Cod recommendations


Heyyyyyy Hart Beat. Happy almost weekend! The week after next I’m lucky enough to be taking a week off of work and heading on vacation with my parents and Dad’s side of the family. Instead of heading to Maine where I’ve been going since I was born, we’re taking our first trip to the Cape (my Dad can bike there!) I’ve never been to the Cape before so I would LOVE any and all suggestions you lovely readers have.

We’re going to be staying in Eastham and I’m driving up from Brooklyn so I’ll have both my bike and my car. I’m open to traveling via bike or car to the best beaches and secret spots! So Hart Beat, HELP A GIRL OUT. I will repay you with Instagram shout-outs and hugs through the internet space.

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Instagram life vs. Real life

Hey Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about Instagram and life and jealousy and photography and feelings. Mkay?


Instagram has been around for a while now in internet speak and even though it may be a dinosaur of sorts, it can’t be argued that it is now the place to be right now. In that vein I feel like there’s something I want to get out there about Instagram in general and the way that it portrays our lives.

I’ve wrestled for a while about weather or not I want this post should live here on Hart Beat. Ultimately, it’s something that my friends and I come back to again and again so in that vein, I think that this is the place to air the topic. I laughed when I read the series The Cut has been putting together. It’s called “I Like This Bitches Life” and in it they’ve talked about Molly Yeh, Love Taza, Amy Merrick and more. The idea that you can covet someone else’s life so much without knowing them is a phenomenon that I know all to well.

The way we portray ourselves on the internet isn’t always real. It may sound stupid saying that but I think it needs to be put out there more. There are so many beautiful and aspirational accounts (many I’ve shared here) that it can get depressing scrolling through them again and again. When I look at them I start to wonder what’s wrong with me and why I can’t have the things that these people have (commonly known as fomo). I’m not sure what the solution is here, Hart Beat, but I think the first step is talking about it. Transparency is important and if we all band together to talk about these things, then maybe we all will feel less alone.

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Top photo via tumblr and second one from @posehh.


Why do you make me feel this way, Madewell?

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Hi Hart Beat. Just a quick note from me this morning about how I woke up and wanted to die/cry/storm to my nearest Madewell store to pick up this bag. Last week the brand released its second collaboration with the French designer and brand Sézan. There are so many beautiful shoes and dresses but what I really want is this beautiful (and practical?) leather tote that’s available now. I can’t justify spending $200+ dollars ahora but holy moly, Hart Beat. This is a tough one.

Of course it didn’t help that I woke up this morning to see the gorgeous photo (above) on the brands Instagram. Anyone have a Madewell gift card that they’ve been wanting to give to a friend?

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