What Happened, Miss Simone?


Hi Hart Beat. Have you heard the news? Last week, on Friday to be exact, Netflix released a new documentary all about one of my favorite singers, Nina Simone. The movie was released in New York on Wednesday at the IFC in the Village and since it isn’t going to be released in theaters anywhere else the doc was then released Friday on Netflix. Lucky us!

Pedro and I watched “What Happened, Miss Simone?” this Saturday and although it’s a little long, it is most definitely worth watching. The film uses amazing real video of Nina Simone on stage singing and playing piano as well as interviews with the artist about her life and relationships. These clips are interspersed with interviews with her daughter, her husband and other people who knew Miss. Simone.

Not only was it amazing seeing her sing so many of my favorite songs, but I learned so much about the singer that I didn’t know before the documentary. I had no idea that Simone was trained as a classical pianist, or her about struggle with bipolar disorder. If you’re a documentary junkie like Pedro or if you love music and stories about people then this is a must watch.

Both photos come from the documentary.

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