Phone photography with Pedro

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Afternoon, Hart Beat. I hope you all had a nice weekend. Pedro and I spent the weekend visiting my parents in my hometown in the Berkshires and it was so nice to get away from New York for a bit. On the drive up Pedro and I realized that we had forgotten on camera back at the apartment and at first were disappointed as we wouldn’t be able to take as many pictures as we would have wanted.

Since he and I both have nice phones (the iPhone 5 and Android something respectively) we just kind of shot with those and used VSCO cam to edit them as we went. Our photos actually came out amazing (they’re all in this post here) and it made me think about how photography has been changing lately now that all our phones are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Instagram phone photos have been getting so amazing that lately on the blog I’ve been using mostly Instagram photos in posts instead of scourging the internet. For me it’s great because I can give someone direct credit for the photo. All the recent Friday round-ups have featured Instagram accounts that I love.

This week in the Artifact Uprising blog, the company featured a story by Kevin Russ called “Have iPhone, Will Travel.” Russ is a photographer that snaps amazing photos via his iPhone and Artifact Uprising as a company itself works with phone photos in making beautiful calendars and notecards. This in depth piece about one of the talented artists using the phone as a medium for photography really got me thinking about how much my photography and experience with the art has changed even in the last year or so.

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What are your thoughts on all of this Hart Beat? Do you still have a camera that you carry around sometimes? Or are you, like me, starting to notice more and more that your good photos are coming out of your phone? Would love to hear how other people are interpreting this change.

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All the photos here are taken by Pedro and myself.

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