#HappyFriday: LOVE WINS

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Oh Hart Beat, today is making me so, so, so happy. When I heard the news this morning about the Supreme Court ruling I honestly started crying at work. I was surprised by my intense emotional reaction but the more I thought about the decision and what this means for so many people I love and how much this means to all the men and women out there who have fought for the right to love. I wish I could be dancing out in the streets but instead I’m sitting in my office listening to this great playlist pulled together on Spotify. So much love out there right now, Hart Beat.

Besides the incredibly happy news that’s radiating through the country right now, here are the five articles that I loved looking through this week. Enjoy, Hart Beat! And happy PRIDE too!

1. Take to trip this weekend to Miami.. through the interwebs.

2. How to give your bike a little summer maintenance.

3. A reading list for your summer.

4. Baby chicks!

5. Damien Rogers explains poetry.

Photo by @marriedinny.

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