#HappyFriday: And North, solitude & more

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Hi Hart Beat. Happy Friday! Do you have any plans this weekend? Pedro and I are heading up to visit my parents for the weekend and get in some good time away from the city. Have I mentioned that summer is my favorite time of year? Anyway, until Monday here are five articles that I loved reading this week and I think you will too.

1. And North gives 8 great places to stay upstate when getting out of the city.

2. The king of tapas.

3. A great write-up about Calliope, a store that was represented at the Be a Boss event, and the building that the store is in.

4. The creative benefits of solitude.

5. The most hilarious account of a cooking fail I’ve ever read. Molly Yeh, you get me.

Photo by @artifactuprising.


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