5 things I’ve learned since turning 25: Self preservation


Since turned twenty-five I feel like I’ve learned a few things. (Emphasis on the few.) I’ve been loving lists here on the blog and in that spirit here is a mini series in which I will try to pass along these small learnings with the greater internet world. So, here we go Hart Beat, learning numero uno…

1. Now is the time to start taking care of that face of yours.

Back in college I remember being slightly freaked out that a good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless here) would wake up in the morning and slather on SPF 100 all over her face in the depths of Maine winter. At the time I was like, hey girl, don’t worry about those wrinkles! Sun is fun and a tan is what brings all the boys to the yard. Oh young Hannah, my future laugh lines shiver in naiveté that young face. I know that twenty-five is no where near old but once I hit the two five I decided it might be time to start repelling what I once ran after (THE SUN). Now every morning this twenty-five year old gets up and applies some good old SPF. Doing this for you, future Hannah. You better appreciate this. Also, because french girls.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.39.29 PM

My favorite sunscreen slash the only daily sunscreen that I’ll wear is by La Roche Posay, a french brand that makes the best lotions and face creams. When I first found the brand I was traveling through France and bought some after sun lotion that I swear turned my burns to tans instantaneously. I thought the magical serum was gone forever until I came to the wonderful city of New York and discovered that every Duane Reade on the corner carries the brand. I use Anthelios SX every day on my face and I’m in love.

Anyway, that’s thing number one on the list. Come back tomorrow and check out the second one. And no, this isn’t Mystery Show, I will not give you a hint.

Top photo by Samantha and bottom photo via @Madewell1937.

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