Sorry tea, coffee is better


Oh good morning, Hart Beat. How’s you day going so far? Me? Oh, how funny you ask. I feel great. And why perhaps you’re wondering? Maybe it’s because I have a delicious cup of coffee sitting right in front of me. About a month ago I made the jump from my daily coffee intake to tea all day long. Last week I woke up one morning and just thought to myself how badly I wanted a strong café au lait in my hands.

I hate to admit it (sorry Pedro) but I’ve gone back to to dark side with a little milk and sugar to boot. What can I say? Let’s be honest, am I really going to go the rest of my life without a cup of coffee?? No. The answer is no. What happens when I travel back to Spain? Or stay up all night binge watching Community? Or just need something warm that tastes good (as opposed to the sometimes bland teas out there? That’s right I said it.)

And with that, I raise my mug to all you other coffee drinkers out there. #Caffineunite


Photos courtesy of the wonderful Need Supply Co. blog.

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