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People of 2morrow (aka how to shop on Instagram)


Hi Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Where do you find your favorite clothes? A friend of mine texted me yesterday asking where one could find non ridiculous onesies for the summer and to be honest, I was at a loss. And no, Hart Beat, it’s not because I’ve stopped shopping (what kind of world would that be) it’s because I’ve started shopping… on Instagram.

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Frida Kahlo and Casa Azul in New York

Hi Hart Beat. I don’t know where you are but it’s a dreary night here in Brooklyn. I’ve been having all of these vivid dreams about traveling and so tonight I was so happy to stumble upon a photo (via the Joie Instagram of all places) of the new Frida Kahlo exhibit that just opened up at the New York Botanical Gardens.


The exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life, is showing from May 16th to November 1st of this year and focuses on the artists’ inspiration with nature and her native country of Mexico. Apparently this is the first solo show of Kahlo’s work to take place in New York in more than 25 years. All I have to say is ABOUT TIME NEW YORK.

The exhibit reimagines Kahlo’s famous garden at Casa Azul with scale version of the pyramid from Casa Azul, native Mexican plants and studio spaces similar to what the artist used in her home. Of course, the show also gives a call out to Kahlo’s equally brilliant husband Diego Rivera with some terra-cotta pots made by the artist with plants found in her garden. I love the both of them so much.

What seems so striking about the exhibit, and one of the main reasons that I want to go see it in person so much, are the vibrant colors that are now flooding the normally green and conservative Botanical Gardens. As much as I love Brooklyn one of the things that I always miss is the open ocean and that blue in these photos looks like it might be a good substitute for the time being.

So what do you think, Hart Beat? You want to have a garden date and pretend you’re in Mexico City with me?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.23.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.24.31 PM

Top photo via Joie Clothing and the bottom two via the Wall Street Journal.

Career advice from Sofia Coppla

Career advice from Sofia Coppola

Career advice from Sofia Coppla

Morning Hart Beat. This weekend was about a million years long thanks to running this bad boy and I can’t believe that it’s now Monday morning. Whomp. Anyway, over the weekend I was catching up on one of my favorite instagram accounts @Noorfilm (aka the makers behind N Ø R R – Filmmaking and some great projects). A few weeks ago they posted this great photo of Sofia Coppola with a quote about her vision behind filmmaking.

I’ve written about Sofia earlier here on the blog (please excuse the blurry photos they did not transition well to the new blog) but I really love the one that Nøor posted too.

“That’s the way I work: I try to imagine what I would like to see.”

— Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

Top photo unknown and bottom photo courtesy of Nøorfilm Instagram.



All changes

On change

All changes

Hi Hart Beat. This spring it seems that there are so may changes happening. Between people coming and leaving the city, moving neighborhoods and starting and ending jobs, it’s hard to keep track of the New York that I moved too three years ago.

A friend of mine and I at work this week were talking about this with the recent news of the iconic 190 Bowery building finally being sold. The building was one of the first things I really remember about moving to New York when I used to walk from Carolyn’s first apartment on Rivington to my first job at Chelsea Market. I love Brooklyn and have been living in the neighborhood Greenpoint ever since I got here. But here’s a little news, Hart Beat. This is the last summer that I’ll be in North Brooklyn.

Since change is not something that I naturally deal with well, my wonderful roommate Johannah send me this quote on Friday and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for
what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one
life before we can enter another”

— Anatole France

The quote is a little sad but at the end of the day, change is always hard, even if it’s the right thing to do. You just have to remember what it is you want and take the melancholy as part of the deal. And don’t worry, I’ll give you more updates on the move as the summer comes.

All changes

Madewell blog

#HappyFriday: Jukeboxes, Brimfield & More

Madewell blog

THE HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS. Oh Hart Beat, for some reason this week was super long and I am so glad it’s Friday. The reason is probably because Saturday morning I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon and I’m very nervous slash excited. Any of you out there in internet world have plans for the weekend? If not you should come cheer me on! Carolyn and I are both running and there’s going to be a party at the end at Coney Island. What else do you want to do on a Saturday morning?

Until then, here are my top five links from the week:

. The most popular jukebox songs depending on your zip code in New York.

. All I want to after reading this article is go to Brimfield insane antique market.

. Last week was Brigitte and this week we have Katharine Hepburn as our style guide. I love her.

Abandoned love signs from Miss Moss.

. I have the worst wanderlust right now and this blog post from Madewell is not helping.

Oh also, here’s an Instagram photo from this week (shameless plug to get you readers to follow me there). Isn’t Bay Ridge a crazy cool place?

Hannah Hart Beat instagram

Top photo via Madewell. When did they get so good at the photography thing? Whatevs, lurv you 4ever Madewell.

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Oh hey there, Hart Beat. How’s your evening going? I wanted to get this post to you earlier today but for some reason time goes by too fast and now all of a sudden it’s 11pm on a Thursday.

Anywayyyy.. What I wanted to bring up today was something that I’m seeing all over the city and am on the fence about so I thought I would bring it up here. Last summer the used-to-be-ugly Birkenstock sandals hit the city HARD. While the used-to-be-hippy shoes are still here I’ve been seeing another slew of ugly shoes around the subway platforms and sidewalks. To be honest I don’t know what to call them other then weird summer slippers. Not sure if that makes sense so here are some photos of them. I don’t own any now and not sure if I’m going to get any but just wanted to put this out there… into the internet world.

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Top two photos from DNA Footwear blog Wearhouse242 and bottom pair at Need Supply Co.

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

Evening, Hart Beat. How’s your night going? I was exploring ye old internet on my commute home (aka the one time that I have cell service over the Manhattan bridge) and found out that a website I used to love is coming back.

Married in New York is just like it sounds. Run by Natasha, a New York City based photographer and hopeless romantic (hey girl), the tumblr honors all the types of weddings that pass through City Hall in the city.

Whether low-key or grand affairs, weddings are a big deal. For two people in love, they’re the start of a new chapter, a major turning point in their stories, a public declaration that their lives are intertwined from that moment on. It’s the most special day in a couple’s life — and they have the wedding albums and videos to show for it.

But what about the couples who get married at City Hall?

– Married in New York

Along with an active twitter, facebook and instagram, Married In New York not only shows great photographs of couples celebrating the happiest moments of their lives but, it gives you a little snippet/interview into their private lives. I feel like these days there are so man places to find “New Yorkers” living their “New York” life (*cough* HONY *cough*) but what I love about Married in New York is that I can always go and see true love. It feeds the hopeless romantic that I, not so secretly, am. So happy Tuesday night, Hart Beat. I hope you love these photographs as much as I do.

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

All photos courtesy of Married in New York.

Of a Kind

Of a Kind launches “A Few Good Things with Claire and Erica”

Hi Hart Beat. Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start. For a while I’ve been meaning to share with you one of my favorite brand newsletters that arrives in my inbox everyday and thanks to a new development in one, the post is finally here. As someone who works in email marketing, there are honestly very few newsletters that I actually take the time to read and click through. The Of a Kind weekly ten things email is one of them.

Of a Kind

For those of you unfamiliar with the company, Of a Kind is an ecommerce site based here in Brooklyn that showcases small designers and collaborations with limited edition pieces. I’ve gotten a few amazing things from the site (my fav commuting bag) and have discovered so many amazing brands to boot. The duo behind the site, Claire and Erica, do an amazing job of highlighting these small brands with a bio and mini interview.

In their weekly newsletter that sends out every Monday, the founding ladies will each ten things that they’ve loved from the internet this week. One of the things that I love are a) the header title that often brings in some pop culture phenomenon and b) the fact that they very rarely link to their own site.

Lucky for you who are also fans of the newsletter (or who are now recently aware if it’s awesomeness) Claire and Erica this month launched their new podcast called A Few Things with Claire and EricaIn the podcast the two  pick a topic each episode and just chat about interesting brands, trends, foods, music,  that they want to share with us.

The podcast is two episodes in and has thus far discussed everything under the sun from the morality behind avocado toast, athleisure, #promposal, Ojai Pixie treats and their love for Robertas pizza. If you’re looking for a new something to listen on your commute I most definitely recommend checking this one out. Consider this a bonus recommendation in my current podcast guide.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Of a Kind’s newsletter (and mine too for that matter) to get their updates.

Of a Kind

Photos via the Of a Kind website and blog.

True Detective season 2

The mysterious True Detective trailer song

True Detective season 2

Hola Hart Beat. The new True Detective trailer song has me on internet search high alert right now. I finally found some info and, lucky you Hart Beat, it’s all compiled here. Before I start though, here’s the backstory. last night Pedro watched the new Game of Thrones episode (obviously) and I was introduced to this new mystery song that has made me go down the rabbit hole of the internet into a song obsession. You know, like any normal casual Sunday night.

What sparked this new search and rescue mission was the trailer for season two of True Detective that played before the new Game of Thrones episode started. The trailer is a little teaser of the new season coming out this June and features a hauntingly beautiful and sad (just my favorite kind of song) in the trailer. I knew it was extra good when Pedro heard it playing from the kitchen and asked immediately what it was for.

After researching the song across all edges of the internet, I came across this post by Bustle. Apparently I’m not the only one obsessing, Hart Beat! There are others out there! As you can read in Bustle, unfortunately this song by Lera Lynn was created specifically for the show and therefore, has not been released to the general public.

I’ve run into this problem with HBO Go before (hello Jenny Lewis on Girls) and am hoping that the song is released soon. Until it does you can join me in listening to this amazing youtube creation of the trailer bit of the song on loop. Thank you internet and your other obsessors. Thank you.

P.S. The song is 15 MINUTES LONG. You’re welcome.

Everlane silk dress

I want to wear this dress. Forever and ever.

Everlane silk dress

Hiii Hart Beat. How was your weekend? It is hotter as bejesus in New York today and I am so glad that my new sandals just arrived to the office. I guess summer got here early. Since I’m subscribed to about one hundred newsletters for my job (research, research, research) I was super excited to get the new Everlane one in my inbox this morning.

Exciting news from them, Hart Beat! A few new silk dresses are available! I don’t know how comfortable I am wearing silk in the summer (hello sweat stains) but this dress looks too good to pass up. I think I might have to break down tonight when I get home. It is treat yoself Monday? Right?

Everlane silk dress

Photos from Everlane.