Madewell x Spotify Party

Hiya Hart Beat. How’s your night going? It’s been a crazy day and I’m only just now sitting down and catching up with my personal email and such. Lucky for you (and me) one of the emails I received an email about an event happening tomorrow night at the Madewell Williamsburg store. The brand is collaborating with Spotify (my fav) to host a listening party for three female singers that are working with Madewell right now. The artists, Sharon Van Etten, Lucius and Kelela each created a playlist under the Madewell Spotify account so you can hear what they’re listening to this spring.


And there’s even better news, Hart Beat. They’re not just hosting the event in Brooklyn! There will be listening parties all over the country tomorrow night and you can find the nearest one to you by just searching here.

From what I understand the event is just a shopping event where you can get tons of perks like 60 days of free Spotify premium and a Bien Fait tote bag. What I think is pretty cool is that each event is collaborating with a smaller event company, blog or whatever. The one in Williamsburg will be working with the Greenpoint based Local Creative and that is pretty cool.

There are days where I love Madewell and there are days that I don’t. For starters, it’s a huge conglomerate of a company that tries to sell itself as being indie and a small business while actually driving independent, small businesses out of neighborhoods. On the other hand, I love their clothes.. Not sure how I feel about this dilemma, Hart Beat. Either way I’m going to try to make it out for the event tomorrow night (if only for the free tote bag.)


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