A Kitchen Revamp


Hola Hart Beat. How’s your afternoon going? As I alluded to a few times this month, I’m making some big life changes this summer and am going to be leaving my Greenpoint apartment that I’ve lived in for the last three years and moving to a new apartment. With this upcoming move I’m excited to revamp the new kitchen that I’m going to have my hands on. More deets on the move to come (aka where in the world, Brooklyn, am I going and wtf why) but for now here are some great find that I’ve got my eye on for the new kitchen. Pretty much all I want is good light and white cabinets. I feel like both are doable…

What do you think, Hart Beat. Any suggestions on how to upscale a long, skinny, rental apartment kitchen without destroying the whole thing slash putting myself in the black?

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Bottom three photos via Homepolish and the top one via the Kitchn.



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