New York City fire escapes

My love for fire escapes in New York

Fire escapes in New York

One thing that I first noticed when I moved to New York three years ago was the presence of so many fire escapes framing each building.

When I moved into my apartment I remember one of things that I loved the most was that two of the bedrooms have beautiful fire escapes that look out over the manhattan skyline. To me, fire works are a way to observe the city outside, even if you’re not lucky or rich enough to have a yard. I remember dancing on my fire escape with my old roommate G. when Obama won for his second term while looking at the Empire State Building colors change to blue.

I was really disappointed then to read an article recently published about how landlords in iconic SoHo and Lower East Side are going to start removing the fire escapes from buildings in the manhattan neighborhood. I guess the reasoning is that now that fire codes dictate that hallways in apartments are fire proof there is no legal reason to have the out dated fire escapes.

To me this is such a loss as what I think of when I think of the city and it’s buildings are the metal scaffolding that coats each building. To be honest, I would be hesitant moving into a place without the easy access the the outdoors in a way only New Yorkers appreciate.

New York City fire escapes

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