Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Hi Hart Beat. Can I see a raise of hands for all of you out there who count on there morning coffee everyday? What’s that? All of you? I thought so. I started drinking coffee when I studied abroad in Spain (the first time I actually needed coffee, shout out to those moondancers out there). I have continued my daily coffee intake since I moved to New York and have had zero regrets until recently.

About three months ago Pedro cut out coffee and has been since telling me how *amaaaaazing* it is. For a while I was like oh yea whatever Pedro, you don’t know the feelings I have for a cafe con leche, they came first yaheard?

As always, Pedro was right and the time has come where I need to put down the paper cup (so they say) and try sometime without my normal morning caffeine jolt. 25 year old Hannah’s body is having a harder time with daily coffee than 20 year old Hannah did.

And thus, today begins day ten of the zero coffee expirement. I’m not going to lie, Hart Beat, there were a few days when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it this far. And now that I’m at day ten what I keep thinking about is that saying that if you can go 21 days doing or not doing something then it creates a habit.

So Hart Beat, I reach out to you. Have any of you given up coffee like this cold turkey? And if so, HOW?? Any advice would be well received.

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2 thoughts on “Day 10, zero coffee

  1. Eliza

    Try weening yourself off with green tea! It really helps to kick the withdrawal headaches and has way less caffeine. It’s also pretty excellent for you.

    1. hannah Post author

      GREAT suggestion, Eliza! I need to definitely step my tea game up and any caffeine right now would be better then none.


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