Bridge & Burn: The perfect spring jacket


Hello there my dear Hart Beat. Happy Friday! The new Friday post lineup is coming to you thinks afternoon but first I want to talk about a brand that I came across a couple of weeks ago. Bridge & Burn, a “Japanese-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic” (is there anything better sounding than that combination??) created by Erik Prowell, a Portland based fashion designer.

I came across a Bridge & Burn coat at one of my favorite neighborhood boutiques, Wolves Within, and even though I waited 24 hours to buy it (my new stop-gate for impulse buying) I broke down and invested and have been so happy ever since I did. It’s such a well made coat that’s both warm and fashionable and something I know I will wear for years.

The timing of buying this coat was crazy as a few days later, one of my favorite sites Of A Kind launched the Olive Macleay Jacket by Bridge & Burn on their site. And dios mio, Hart Beat. If I hadn’t already dropped some money on my letterman jacket from Wolves Within I would have bought this in a heart beat.

One of my favorite details of the Bridge & Burn jackets are the inside patterns/fabric. In mind (and it looks like this one too) the body of the coat has one type of bold pattern and the arms have another. I love this because even though the outside of the coat is super simple and classic there’s still a little craziness on the inside. It’s a great combo. Anyway, if you purchase the coat give me a heads up on Twitter or Facebook. I love seeing if these trends percolate from my head to the outside world!

medium_BridgeBurnJacket_090medium_BridgeBurnJacket_121medium_BridgeBurnJacket_005 medium_BridgeBurnJacket_010 medium_BridgeBurnJacket_073 medium_BridgeBurnJacket_078

All photos via Of A Kind.

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