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New York City fire escapes

My love for fire escapes in New York

Fire escapes in New York

One thing that I first noticed when I moved to New York three years ago was the presence of so many fire escapes framing each building.

When I moved into my apartment I remember one of things that I loved the most was that two of the bedrooms have beautiful fire escapes that look out over the manhattan skyline. To me, fire works are a way to observe the city outside, even if you’re not lucky or rich enough to have a yard. I remember dancing on my fire escape with my old roommate G. when Obama won for his second term while looking at the Empire State Building colors change to blue.

I was really disappointed then to read an article recently published about how landlords in iconic SoHo and Lower East Side are going to start removing the fire escapes from buildings in the manhattan neighborhood. I guess the reasoning is that now that fire codes dictate that hallways in apartments are fire proof there is no legal reason to have the out dated fire escapes.

To me this is such a loss as what I think of when I think of the city and it’s buildings are the metal scaffolding that coats each building. To be honest, I would be hesitant moving into a place without the easy access the the outdoors in a way only New Yorkers appreciate.

New York City fire escapes

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Hannah Hart Beat newsletter

#HappyFriday: The newsletter


#HappyFriday: The newsletter

Happy Friday, Hart Beat! I hope you’re all still adjusting to the new layout here (there are still a couple of tweaks that I’m working out on my end). Keep the comments coming and I’ll keep the snark and music coming at ya.

I don’t have the usual Friday five today for you (lo siento) but I do have something equally as cool to share with you. In the spare (ha) time that I’m not spending writing to you here Hart Beat, I work for a great company called Food52 on their marketing team. What I do for Food52 is pretty simple to explain. You know all those kind of annoying emails you get in your inbox all the time from brands and such? Well if you get those from Food52 (which you should if you don’t already) they are created, coded and sent by me!

What this means is that I’ve been mulling over for a while starting a small Hart Beat newsletter for those that are interested. I promise to only send you one email a week (day TBD) with odds and ends from the blog and other things that don’t make their way on here. So if you’re interested at all, sign up here! And await the greatness that will be coming to your inbox soon.

Hannah Hart Beat newsletter

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Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Hi Hart Beat. Can I see a raise of hands for all of you out there who count on there morning coffee everyday? What’s that? All of you? I thought so. I started drinking coffee when I studied abroad in Spain (the first time I actually needed coffee, shout out to those moondancers out there). I have continued my daily coffee intake since I moved to New York and have had zero regrets until recently.

About three months ago Pedro cut out coffee and has been since telling me how *amaaaaazing* it is. For a while I was like oh yea whatever Pedro, you don’t know the feelings I have for a cafe con leche, they came first yaheard?

As always, Pedro was right and the time has come where I need to put down the paper cup (so they say) and try sometime without my normal morning caffeine jolt. 25 year old Hannah’s body is having a harder time with daily coffee than 20 year old Hannah did.

And thus, today begins day ten of the zero coffee expirement. I’m not going to lie, Hart Beat, there were a few days when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it this far. And now that I’m at day ten what I keep thinking about is that saying that if you can go 21 days doing or not doing something then it creates a habit.

So Hart Beat, I reach out to you. Have any of you given up coffee like this cold turkey? And if so, HOW?? Any advice would be well received.

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Hannah Hart Beat instagram


Hannah Hart Beat instagram

Hi Hart Beat. Don’t worry, it’s me Hannah speaking to you through the internet. You may be a little surprised to visit the site and see this crazy new format and a brand spanking new URL name. Well Hart Beat, the time has come and i’ve migrated over from ye old to the fancy pants site that we in the biz (aka Pedro) call WordPress.

What does this mean for you? Not much! I’ve redirected all old posts from the blog over here and the format works almost the same way. If for whatever reason you’re having problems accessing any old favorite posts, you hate the new layout and wish we could go back to 2014 when blogger was in full swing, PLEASE! Comment here or tweet at me @hannahhhart. I really honestly want to hear what you think.

A lot of work has gone into this transition and hopefully it means a new chapter for Hart Beat with new posts, more photos and as always great music that I want to share. On that note, here is a song I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. Inspired by the podcast Dear Sugar, I’ve jumped back and have been listening to this Nina Simone song. So let’s talk Hart Beat, give me a little sugar (see what I did there) and welcome to the new and improved site.

Bridge & Burn: The perfect spring jacket


Hello there my dear Hart Beat. Happy Friday! The new Friday post lineup is coming to you thinks afternoon but first I want to talk about a brand that I came across a couple of weeks ago. Bridge & Burn, a “Japanese-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic” (is there anything better sounding than that combination??) created by Erik Prowell, a Portland based fashion designer.

I came across a Bridge & Burn coat at one of my favorite neighborhood boutiques, Wolves Within, and even though I waited 24 hours to buy it (my new stop-gate for impulse buying) I broke down and invested and have been so happy ever since I did. It’s such a well made coat that’s both warm and fashionable and something I know I will wear for years.

The timing of buying this coat was crazy as a few days later, one of my favorite sites Of A Kind launched the Olive Macleay Jacket by Bridge & Burn on their site. And dios mio, Hart Beat. If I hadn’t already dropped some money on my letterman jacket from Wolves Within I would have bought this in a heart beat.

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