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!!! Another post !!! on punctuation !!!

Per usual, our girl Joanna beat me to a post that was brewing in my mind. The other night before bed I read the widely shared New York Times article on what your punctuation says about you. Many people have had many things to say about the article (do you use hyphens, what does a period mean to you, yada yada yada) but to be honest what the article made me think about was something that I’ve been cognizant of ever since I started my new job at Food52.

I’ve had quite a few jobs since I moved to New York three years ago and at everyone I’ve learned something new about email etiquette. Between the cold yet customary “Best” to the importance of your introduction line and your subject title, one thing that I haven’t mastered is figuring out the tone of my emails.

As my friends and boyfriend can attest, I am an avid user of the exclamation mark in my texts and other communications. To be honest I usually use an extra ! or two when trying to sound not necessarily excited but more to not sound cold. My tone in real life is pretty normal, sometimes excited not always but usually positive and I feel like I add so many exclamation points to make that tone come across via text.

What I’ve noticed in my work emailing is that I do the same thing and depending on the email I’ll insert at least two or three exclamation points. The question is, why Hannah? I didn’t really notice till I started at Food52 and none of my coworkers ever had a ! in their email. It made me wonder if I was overcompensating for my tone. I sometimes feel like I don’t want to come across to harsh or aggressive and I feel like a ! smooths that over. Lately though I’ve been asking myself what’s wrong with coming across strong and determined?

What I’ve decided to do as an experiment is to limit myself to one exclamation point per email (usually refereed to the Thanks! at the end of an email) and see if instead I can adjust my tone and say what I mean in words more. To be honest, it’s been hard. I still read over my emails before I hit send and the seem so cold and alarming to me. I guess I’ll have to keep trying. I’ll let you know how it goes Hart Beat..

What about you? I would love to hear if anyone else has experience in adding too many (or two few) exclamation points in their work emails.

The Austin 100: Archie, Marry Me

Hi Hart Beat. Yesterday was a big day in music with this years Austin 100 being released by NPR Music. For those of you not familiar with the series it’s a curated list of the 100 new artists and their songs to be playing at the SXSW concert in Austin. The list is selected by the NPR Music editor Stephen Thompson and this year I have to say, he did an exceptional job. Not only is ALL of the music stellar but the onsite experience is also amazing.

The site is responsive and let’s you listen to all the music in the curated order. Each time a new song comes up a page will display with the name of the band, where they’re from and a little bit about them. You can also pause and start the song over super easily. In addition there’s a handy little favorite button that let’s you save your favorites. These favorited songs can then be listened to exclusively, like making an onsite playlist. Even more amazing the site remembers your favorites, what you’ve listened to and where you’ve left off without having to create an account. Needless to say, I’m obsessed.

I’m going to be sharing my top picks from the list here on Hart Beat and will be giving another review on The V&V as soon as I’ve gotten through all the songs multiple times. Here’s my first pick, the amazing “Archie, Marry Me” by the Toronto based Alvvays. If you’re interested in going through the whole list you can download via the website or listen on Spotify. Happy music listening, Hart Beat!

This Moment: The North Shore Shell Na Nin shirt

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and intro to March. This morning I went back to one of my favorite yoga classes in Brooklyn and am now sitting in a tea house around the corner that I’ve always wanted to visit. The tea I’m drinking may be the color of something not so great (a yellow hue if you will) but it is so delicious. ITS TEA STRANGERS!!

Anyway, one thing that I’m craving right now are new tops for the spring/summer. The one I have my eye on this moment is the North Shore Shell top by designer Na Nin. Kate Jennings, the woman behind the shop, works with other designers on collaborations. I discovered her from a dress that she collaborated with Hackwith Design House worked on together (so beautiful) but, it’s this pink hued open back top that I’m craving. Oh internet gods, why haven’t you made is so I can reach in my screen and pull out what I want yet?

You can buy the top here and shop all the collaborations on Na Nin’s site.