#HappyFriday: Molly Ringwald, Minimalism & More


The happiest of all Fridays to you! This week has been super long and I’m so glad that it’s 5pm on Friday right now. There will be some new updates coming on the blog soon and I’m excited to spend some time this weekend on it. My friends over at Handsy are also throwing a launch party in Greenpoint that I’m pretty excited to go to. Have a great weekend everyone!

. Birkenstocks will be back again this summer… and that makes my feet super happy.

. 3 simple ways to change your living space and your mood. Thanks Clementine Daily!

. Two articles about the idea of “The Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl“. For an example see the post above and I can’t say that I’m not guilty of this obsession. I think this article deserves it’s own discussion on Hart Beat. More to come…

. An amazing woman posts photos on Instagram and the app deletes them. Instagram has finally apologized.

. Molly Ringwald had the best appearance on Professor Blastoff that I’ve heard in a while. Best 200th episode ever.



Photo source for top and bottom.


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