#HappyFriday: Jane Goodall, Brooklyn Slang Translated & More


Oh Hart Beat. The happiest of Fridays to you. Hopefully the majority of you reading this are not in the immediate New York area and are NOT waiting on another snow storm to start this afternoon. All I have to ask is WHY WINTER WHY. What did we ever do to you?

In order to avoid thinking about this unfortunate situation, here are five links that I enjoyed reading this week. May the warmth be with you. 

The only way I can understand what Pedro is saying half the time. (The only things I’ll add is that “she got the cake” = nice ass and it’s actually pronounced “fuckouttahere” in one word.)

A great piece about Jane Goodall and her life now. This baller woman is in her 80’s and still out conducting research. Am I the only one who knew that?

. A new eccomerce site to watch this week. Welcome to the madness Bezar.

. Food52 spells out the five house plants that are hardest to kill. Once more into the fray. 

. The newest podcast I’ve been binge listening to. Lucky for you episodes come out every Friday.

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