Five Friday Readings: Internet controversies, Miss Moss & More

Happy Friday, Hart Beat! In continuation of last week’s Five Friday Readings, I’ve pulled together a few more for you today. I know that this kind of thing happens on the internet a lot but I love sharing what I’m reading and thinking about so let me know if you like this!

This weekend one of my close high school friends A. is coming to visit Brooklyn with her boyfriend of 6 months who I haven’t met yet. Whoopsie. She hasn’t met Pedro yet either so it makes me feel a little better. Other than that I’m going to try to find a good massage place in Chinatown to work on these back kinks I’ve picked up since vacation. Yuck New York, your winter is never ending. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

. NPR talks about the iconic bad boy image in music and how it’s becoming more and more uncommon

. Miss Moss celebrates her six year anniversary of her blog. Congratulations lady!

. The battle between this brilliant cartoon review of one of Food52’s cookbooks for The Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks and the author behind the book is so entertaining.

. Anna Sale from Death, Sex and Money guest stars on this weeks Savage Lovecast where she responds to the thought provoking episode she did over the summer interviewing the advice columnist Dan Savage. Podcasts talking about podcasts here people.

. Amanda Jane Jones, the Art Director at Kinfolk Magazine, posted an adorable ad for McDonalds on her Instagram and people had hissy fits in the comments.

. 12 amazing travel websites for all your wanderlusting this weekend

Top photo via The Immortals.
Bottom photo via this random site – if you can read me the name you win.

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