An Insiders Guide: What I Love from the Food52 Shop


Oh hey Hart Beat. I hope you’re all had a nice relaxing weekend. It’s kind of getting nice out in Brooklyn that makes SO much of a difference. This winter was way too long. One good thing to come out of the winter however, was my start at the wonderful company Food52. I work on the marketing side of the content/commerce site and honestly love it so much.

One of the hardest parts of the job is resisting buying everything that we sell in the Shop. It is so well curated and all of the photos are so amazing that it just makes me want to buy everything. For those of you who feel the same way, I’ve pulled together my three favorite products that I’ve either bought or picked up from the office. I promise, as ridiculous as these sound, they are game changers.



1. The French Butter Keeper. I know, I know Hart Beat. Who would want to pay 35 dollars for a small, round cup to hold butter? If you had asked me before I started working at Food52 I would have said HELL NO. But now, oh now I’m singing a different tune. This sweet baby is one of my favorite things in my apartment right now.

Why you ask? I wish I could tell you exactly why but then I would need to be French and understand the mystery of this butter keeper. What it does is hold your butter in the most beautiful ceramic bowl keeping the butter at the PERFECT consistency for spreading over bread or anything else. Seriously though Hart Beat, the butter is consistently at the texture of being freshly whipped.


2. The Walnut Handled Sandwich Spreader. What’s that? Another condiment accessory? This too Hart Beat, I promise is a game changer. I never thought in my life that I would ever own a knife just for spreading condiments. But alas, Hart Beat, here I am owning something that does just that. Honestly, I promise, this thing is so floppy and beautiful that I look forward everyday when I make my lunch, toast, dinner or snack.


3. A set of Flour Sack Towels. This was another addition to my kitchen that came from using many of the products we sell in our Shop at the Food52 office. I’ve always just used old rags my mom gives me for dish towels but once I used these huge, white, cotton towel I know I will never go back. They are so durable and soft at the same time and I promise, are worth the $40 that you’ll spend on 3. They are honestly huge that you could use one each week and never worry about needing more.

So there you go Hart Beat. My newest obsessions from the Food52 Shop. Soon I would love to do a post about some of my favorite things about working at the company. Keep posted!

All photos by the talented James Ransom for Food52.


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