Alabama Shakes and their new sound


What’s that? Didn’t see you over there Hart Beat since I’m currently focusing on tapping my foot hard to some new amazing music from the Alabama Shakes. If you didn’t know already (shout out to NPR music on this one) our favorite breakout band from 2012 is on the verge of releasing their second studio album Sound & Colors.

In anticipation of the new album release, The New York Times Magazine last week published this in depth interview / price about Brittany Howard the female powerhouse behind the band.
The article was an in depth look at the humble origins of the Alabama Shakes and the original chain of events that brought them from a north Alabama barroom band to one of the most hyped indie bands in the last three years. Especially insightful was a conversation with Brittany Howard, the lead singer and songwriter of he band. Brittany’s voice is really one of the things to set the Alabama Shakes apart from the rest of the indie southern bands to be pumped out of SXSW.
While I didn’t appreciate the frank disdain for Brittany’s body (what does that have anything to do with her music) I loved hearing how her struggle to find a place in this world influenced her to start a band. It was also immensely refreshing to hear how little success had changed her life and how much just the act of playing can bring XX happiness.
Read the entire article “Alabama Shakes Soul-Stirring, Shape Shifting New Sound” and in honor of this wonderful news, here’s one of the singles that the Alabama Shakes released since Boys & Girls came out in 2012.


Top photo via the NYT Magazine article.

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