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The Austin 100: Courtney Barnett


Morning Hart Beat. It’s finally sunny here in New York and I thank all the gods both the new and the old for this. I’m tired of winter and tired of my winter coat. Hopefully this is a trend for the better. Today’s post is sadly very short as I don’t have nearly enough time to talk about how much I love Courtney Barnett. She was one of the artists featured in this years Austin 100 and I think is going to be one of the biggest breakout hits from SXSW.

There are lots of songs that I love by Miss Barnett but right now my favorite is her melancholy “Depreston.” Especially in this track she reminds me so much of early Jenny Lewis in her solo career. And who doesn’t like that?

Courtney Barnett sings “Depreston”


IMPT: Spring Sézan now available


I have a few posts in the work right now but they all have to go on hold because all I want to talk about this minute is the new Spring Sézan collection that is available online now. This new collection is called “Direction Marseille” and all I have to say is that I couldn’t love it more. Not only do I want every single piece in the collection (the SHOES Hart Beat, oh the shoes) but the whole thing makes me remember the best time I had with Carolyn on our trip down the French coast. Our stop in Marseille was one of my favorites and I don’t blame Morgane Sezalory one bit for dedicating this entire season to the beautiful place.

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#HappyFriday: Molly Ringwald, Minimalism & More


The happiest of all Fridays to you! This week has been super long and I’m so glad that it’s 5pm on Friday right now. There will be some new updates coming on the blog soon and I’m excited to spend some time this weekend on it. My friends over at Handsy are also throwing a launch party in Greenpoint that I’m pretty excited to go to. Have a great weekend everyone!

. Birkenstocks will be back again this summer… and that makes my feet super happy.

. 3 simple ways to change your living space and your mood. Thanks Clementine Daily!

. Two articles about the idea of “The Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl“. For an example see the post above and I can’t say that I’m not guilty of this obsession. I think this article deserves it’s own discussion on Hart Beat. More to come…

. An amazing woman posts photos on Instagram and the app deletes them. Instagram has finally apologized.

. Molly Ringwald had the best appearance on Professor Blastoff that I’ve heard in a while. Best 200th episode ever.



Photo source for top and bottom.


The Austin 100: Crazy Love


Hi Hart Beat. How was your weekend? Pedro and I had the most relaxing time this weekend in Brooklyn and I’m sad that it’s over. I’ve only given out two (Shamir and Alvvays) and  of my favorite songs from this years Austin 100 but here’s the third one for you. Before listening to the SXSW list I hadn’t heard of Irene Diaz and now I know that it was my loss. This woman is amazing and the song “Crazy Love” is what I’ve been listening to on my commute all week.

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An Insiders Guide: What I Love from the Food52 Shop


Oh hey Hart Beat. I hope you’re all had a nice relaxing weekend. It’s kind of getting nice out in Brooklyn that makes SO much of a difference. This winter was way too long. One good thing to come out of the winter however, was my start at the wonderful company Food52. I work on the marketing side of the content/commerce site and honestly love it so much.

One of the hardest parts of the job is resisting buying everything that we sell in the Shop. It is so well curated and all of the photos are so amazing that it just makes me want to buy everything. For those of you who feel the same way, I’ve pulled together my three favorite products that I’ve either bought or picked up from the office. I promise, as ridiculous as these sound, they are game changers.

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#HappyFriday: Jane Goodall, Brooklyn Slang Translated & More


Oh Hart Beat. The happiest of Fridays to you. Hopefully the majority of you reading this are not in the immediate New York area and are NOT waiting on another snow storm to start this afternoon. All I have to ask is WHY WINTER WHY. What did we ever do to you?

In order to avoid thinking about this unfortunate situation, here are five links that I enjoyed reading this week. May the warmth be with you. 

The only way I can understand what Pedro is saying half the time. (The only things I’ll add is that “she got the cake” = nice ass and it’s actually pronounced “fuckouttahere” in one word.)

A great piece about Jane Goodall and her life now. This baller woman is in her 80’s and still out conducting research. Am I the only one who knew that?

. A new eccomerce site to watch this week. Welcome to the madness Bezar.

. Food52 spells out the five house plants that are hardest to kill. Once more into the fray. 

. The newest podcast I’ve been binge listening to. Lucky for you episodes come out every Friday.

Alabama Shakes and their new sound


What’s that? Didn’t see you over there Hart Beat since I’m currently focusing on tapping my foot hard to some new amazing music from the Alabama Shakes. If you didn’t know already (shout out to NPR music on this one) our favorite breakout band from 2012 is on the verge of releasing their second studio album Sound & Colors.

In anticipation of the new album release, The New York Times Magazine last week published this in depth interview / price about Brittany Howard the female powerhouse behind the band.
The article was an in depth look at the humble origins of the Alabama Shakes and the original chain of events that brought them from a north Alabama barroom band to one of the most hyped indie bands in the last three years. Especially insightful was a conversation with Brittany Howard, the lead singer and songwriter of he band. Brittany’s voice is really one of the things to set the Alabama Shakes apart from the rest of the indie southern bands to be pumped out of SXSW.
While I didn’t appreciate the frank disdain for Brittany’s body (what does that have anything to do with her music) I loved hearing how her struggle to find a place in this world influenced her to start a band. It was also immensely refreshing to hear how little success had changed her life and how much just the act of playing can bring XX happiness.
Read the entire article “Alabama Shakes Soul-Stirring, Shape Shifting New Sound” and in honor of this wonderful news, here’s one of the singles that the Alabama Shakes released since Boys & Girls came out in 2012.


Top photo via the NYT Magazine article.

Photographs: The Atlantic by UNIQ x Saucony

As some of you know, my boyfriend Pedro runs a very successful sneaker and culture blog Before knowing him I really didn’t have any concept of how big and talented the sneaker community is but since knowing him, I’ve been so lucky to meet so many amazing people and to see so many BEAUTIFUL shoes. Yesterday Pedro was up bright and early to purchase the new release from UBIQ and Saucony called the Atlantic Tide. The shoe is inspired but the east coast shoreline and to go along with the release, UBIQ released this amazing webpage on their site with a collection of photographs of the shoe and the coast on the east coast.
Let me tell you Hart Beat, while these shoes are amazing, the photos that the brand published of the inspiration behind the shoe is even more breathtaking. I can’t get over the photos and thought you all would like to see them too. For more information on the shoe and the two companies collaborating on it you can visit the UBIQ site. All photo credit goes to the brand.

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Five Friday Readings: Internet controversies, Miss Moss & More

Happy Friday, Hart Beat! In continuation of last week’s Five Friday Readings, I’ve pulled together a few more for you today. I know that this kind of thing happens on the internet a lot but I love sharing what I’m reading and thinking about so let me know if you like this!

This weekend one of my close high school friends A. is coming to visit Brooklyn with her boyfriend of 6 months who I haven’t met yet. Whoopsie. She hasn’t met Pedro yet either so it makes me feel a little better. Other than that I’m going to try to find a good massage place in Chinatown to work on these back kinks I’ve picked up since vacation. Yuck New York, your winter is never ending. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

. NPR talks about the iconic bad boy image in music and how it’s becoming more and more uncommon

. Miss Moss celebrates her six year anniversary of her blog. Congratulations lady!

. The battle between this brilliant cartoon review of one of Food52’s cookbooks for The Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks and the author behind the book is so entertaining.

. Anna Sale from Death, Sex and Money guest stars on this weeks Savage Lovecast where she responds to the thought provoking episode she did over the summer interviewing the advice columnist Dan Savage. Podcasts talking about podcasts here people.

. Amanda Jane Jones, the Art Director at Kinfolk Magazine, posted an adorable ad for McDonalds on her Instagram and people had hissy fits in the comments.

. 12 amazing travel websites for all your wanderlusting this weekend

Top photo via The Immortals.
Bottom photo via this random site – if you can read me the name you win.

The Austin 100: On the Regular

Bonjour Hart Beat. This morning on a very happy Friday I would like to share my second pick from this years Austin 100. For more of an explanation of the list visit this previous post here. This second one here is pretty different from “Archie, Marry Me” and it reminds me of something I would have been healthily obsessed with back in my Bates days.

The song, “On the Regular” is by a Las Vegas singer Shamir (aka my current spirit animal – see phot above) who released his first album this past year. What I love about the song is not only the upbeat sound but how androgynous Shamir’s voice is. At first I was like, is this a woman, a man and then finally WHO CARES I JUST WANT TO HEAR THIS SONG FOREVER AND EVER. Amen.

The lyrics are also amazing too if you listen carefully (i.e. “Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample” or “Guess I’m never ending, you can call me pi”) and it’s the kind of catchy that once it get’s in your head it never leaves.