To Phone or Not to Phone

Hey Hart Beat. I hope your week is off to a good start. As an avid listener to WNYC (yes in fact, I actually never turn it off) I’ve been listening to a lot of press about the New Tech City challenge “Bored and Brilliant” where the radio show is challenging listeners to put down our phones more. The idea is that every day the show shares a short episode about the benefits of putting away your phone and share a concrete task that you can try that day.

According to the show, the average American spends on average 2 hours a day on their smart phones. To be honest, I feel very conflicted about this new project. Personally, I know I’m on my phone a lot and mostly on my commute to work. I use it to listen to podcasts, read, take photos and keep up with whats going on in the social media world. Even though I know that part of this project is to create more creativity in boredom, I feel like I get a lot of my inspiration from reading and listening to things.

On the heels of this new program, I read an opinion piece by the amazing company Artifact Uprising about taking a photo a day to document childhood. I don’t have kids but this idea was also really intriguing. Maybe the perfect combination of these two projects is to be more mindful of how we’re using our phones. Take photos of your friends and family intentionally but maybe not text your brother a photo of your dog looking cute for the 100th time (aka day 2 in the challenge.)

What do you think, Hart Beat? Are you following the phone challenge? What are your thoughts on the time you spend on your phone?

Photos that I’ve taken on my phone in the last month.

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