The Singles: a celebrity, a rock star and a girl manifesto

Hey Hart Beat! Surprise from paradise! My mom and I last Wednesday luckily took our annual winter peace out to the sunny island of Antigua for some well needed rest and relaxation. Thelma and Louis at it again, as my dad would say.

Anyway, while here I heard both surprising and happy news that one of my favorite celebrities Scarlett Johansson has teamed up with three other female artists (including Este Haim, the oldest of the Haim sisters, on drums) in a new all-girl pop-rock group called The Singles. They’ve released their first single which apparently has been likined to many other singers including Debbie Harry, Grimes and Robyn. I’m not so convinced about all those comparisons and to be honest I’m not super crazy about the song (“Candy to my heart” doesn’t really do it for me” and honestly, neither does her Marilyn impression on the cover on the song) but I thought it was fun news to share with those of you struggling to keep your lips from freezing. I mean, if I had the super power like Scarlett I know I would start an all girl band too. Let’s be real, Hart Beat (trademarking The Heartbreakers here and now!)

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