Homecoming: A little store I’m missing on vacation

Hi again Hart Beat! Another beautiful day on the beach here. I’m having a pretty bad sinus infection (blast) but I guess paradise is a nice place to be recovering. One thing I’ve realized since arriving south is that I need more plants in my life (don’t laugh Pedro). I’m not good at keeping plants alive but I think regardless plants can make a space so nice and fresh (cough get here NOW spring.)
Homecoming is store that I love stopping into in Greenpoint (and that I’ve written about here on Hart Beat before when it went by another name). I am not looking forward to coming back to the North East winter but I can’t wait to pop into Homecoming and get some new succulents and ferns. 
P.S. On this list is this amazing looking vintage store as well. Anyone been there before?
All photos via the Homecoming Instagram

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