FourFiveSeconds: new song from Rihanna

This has been a great year for music already and I can’t wait to share the newest song with you. For those of you that read up on The Victors & Vanquished this might be a repost but it’s so Hart Beat appropriate that I couldn’t not tell you guys about it too.

Last week our girl Rihanna released a new acoustic song in which she collaborated with none other than Kanye West AND Paul McCartney. This is such a crazy and great world! I love the new song and have been listening it to on repeat on the train. It’s not available on Spotify yet but it’s only a quick purchase on iTunes (or you can just listen to it here). I love how much it sounds so raw and different from Rihanna’s usual stuff.

P.S. If you like this song then you’ll probably like the Paul McCartney and Kanye collaboration “Only One” that came out on New Years Eve this year. I’m really hoping that this means a Kanye and McCartney album is in the works.

Also, I fan girled like a creep and found this really cool (and somewhat sketchy) behind the scenes look at the official music video. I want to go to there.

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