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Five Friday Readings: Everlane, Laura Marling & More

Hey Hart Beat! I’m waiting at the Antigua airport right now for the flight back to JFK. I’m looking forward to seeing Pedro and these two devils but not super stoked about the cold weather awaiting across the ocean.. Anyway, I don’t usually do this but here are a few links that I loved reading while on the beach this week and thought you would like to see them too! Happy Friday everyone.

. A great article about Everlane and their business philosophy

. Singer Laura Marling talks about her struggle with mental health issues

. Of A Kind’s advice on how to start running again at any temperature

. Madewell speaks with Lower East Side restaurant owner Sabrina De Sousa for their #everydaymadewell series

. Food52 talks about the end of Parks and Recreations with some delicious waffle photos

The Last Call Shop from Sézane

Hi Hart Beat. Just a little note from me to you here. For those of you who discovered the lovely French brand Sézane this fall when it and Madewell had an exclusive collaboration (more on the V&V here) then you are in luck. Everything by Sézane is so effortless and chic but unfortunately, the prices match the beauty of the clothes. Lucky for us the site has a new section called the Last Call Shop that sells last pieces on sale. I haven’t been able to get anything yet but I have my eye on these shoes… Happy shopping Hart Beat.
P.S. The home shop of Sézane is ON POINT.

Photos via Sézane.

Homecoming: A little store I’m missing on vacation

Hi again Hart Beat! Another beautiful day on the beach here. I’m having a pretty bad sinus infection (blast) but I guess paradise is a nice place to be recovering. One thing I’ve realized since arriving south is that I need more plants in my life (don’t laugh Pedro). I’m not good at keeping plants alive but I think regardless plants can make a space so nice and fresh (cough get here NOW spring.)
Homecoming is store that I love stopping into in Greenpoint (and that I’ve written about here on Hart Beat before when it went by another name). I am not looking forward to coming back to the North East winter but I can’t wait to pop into Homecoming and get some new succulents and ferns. 
P.S. On this list is this amazing looking vintage store as well. Anyone been there before?
All photos via the Homecoming Instagram

The Singles: a celebrity, a rock star and a girl manifesto

Hey Hart Beat! Surprise from paradise! My mom and I last Wednesday luckily took our annual winter peace out to the sunny island of Antigua for some well needed rest and relaxation. Thelma and Louis at it again, as my dad would say.

Anyway, while here I heard both surprising and happy news that one of my favorite celebrities Scarlett Johansson has teamed up with three other female artists (including Este Haim, the oldest of the Haim sisters, on drums) in a new all-girl pop-rock group called The Singles. They’ve released their first single which apparently has been likined to many other singers including Debbie Harry, Grimes and Robyn. I’m not so convinced about all those comparisons and to be honest I’m not super crazy about the song (“Candy to my heart” doesn’t really do it for me” and honestly, neither does her Marilyn impression on the cover on the song) but I thought it was fun news to share with those of you struggling to keep your lips from freezing. I mean, if I had the super power like Scarlett I know I would start an all girl band too. Let’s be real, Hart Beat (trademarking The Heartbreakers here and now!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hart Beat! Valentine’s Day has always been a special time on the blog and in years past I’ve done countdowns and listing my favorite romantic posts from the past on the blog. For the past two years I’ve spent my Valentine’s Day with my mom on vacation and this year we’re going south a little later so I’m in Brooklyn with Pedro for the special day.
The artist on the top photo:
“Tango is the dance of love. I danced tango from ages fourteen to eighteen in Istanbul, and was always drawn to the emotional depth of the songs and the musicality of the bandoneon. In this picture, instead of capturing the kinetic quality of the dance, I wanted to pause on a moment that portrayed the intimacy of the couple in an abstract manner.” — Pari Dukovic
This morning I saw an amazing collection of photos pulled together by The New Yorker for the holiday and I had to share them with you. What are you doing today Hart Beat in the name of love?

“Stephen and I in Copenhagen,” 2014.

“This photograph of me and my boyfriend was made while we were travelling through Denmark. A profound sadness came over me as he was heading back to New York the following morning, and I was staying in Copenhagen for three weeks to work. I had to photograph this moment and feeling. The result is a photograph that speaks to me about our shared intimacy and love for one another.” — Jen Davis

“My marriage was on the rocks when I photographed this heart of stone shrouded in mist. When I returned another day, the rock was there, but I could not find the shape of a heart.” — Rosalind Solomon
“I met a lovely girl with strawberry hair three years ago, at a party in California.  I immediately liked the light and easy way she moved through the world. A few days later, she moved to Europe to be with her family for the summer.

Feeling as though I was letting something fall through the cracks, I purchased an airplane ticket to Paris the following morning. We met and locked ourselves in an old hotel for a week. We were both very much in love. Three years later, we stayed in the same old hotel in Paris, but the lightness in us was gone, and in its place things started to feel heavy and challenging. We left that hotel and flew back to California, two very different people from the ones who’d first come.” — David Black

“Dylan and Megan,” Driftwood, Texas, 2009. 

“I began chronicling my son Dylan from the moment he came into the world. He has been a willing and gracious subject throughout his twenty-one-year journey; however, he only recently expressed the gratitude he feels for the photographic record of his life that he and I have created together. I am deeply drawn to this particular image, of him and his first steady girlfriend, Megan. We were working on his 1954 Chevrolet that afternoon, and Megan was hanging out at the shop with us. Like the majority of the photographs I have made of him, the image is unscripted, and born out of spontaneity rather than planning. Perhaps this is why my photographs of him are so appealing to me. As a commercial photographer, myriad logistics are often required to facilitate the making of a single photograph. And while I find great joy in this milieu, when a photograph is born of an intimate family moment I am drawn to it all the more.” — Dan Winters

“Less than a month after we met in New York, Sara and I were already on our way driving down to Louisiana to meet my family for Christmas. From the time we met, we couldn’t be apart. It was terrifying, because we didn’t know each other that well. But it felt right, so I didn’t question anything. It was one of the best ideas ever. This is from somewhere halfway.” — Coley Brown

To Phone or Not to Phone

Hey Hart Beat. I hope your week is off to a good start. As an avid listener to WNYC (yes in fact, I actually never turn it off) I’ve been listening to a lot of press about the New Tech City challenge “Bored and Brilliant” where the radio show is challenging listeners to put down our phones more. The idea is that every day the show shares a short episode about the benefits of putting away your phone and share a concrete task that you can try that day.

According to the show, the average American spends on average 2 hours a day on their smart phones. To be honest, I feel very conflicted about this new project. Personally, I know I’m on my phone a lot and mostly on my commute to work. I use it to listen to podcasts, read, take photos and keep up with whats going on in the social media world. Even though I know that part of this project is to create more creativity in boredom, I feel like I get a lot of my inspiration from reading and listening to things.

On the heels of this new program, I read an opinion piece by the amazing company Artifact Uprising about taking a photo a day to document childhood. I don’t have kids but this idea was also really intriguing. Maybe the perfect combination of these two projects is to be more mindful of how we’re using our phones. Take photos of your friends and family intentionally but maybe not text your brother a photo of your dog looking cute for the 100th time (aka day 2 in the challenge.)

What do you think, Hart Beat? Are you following the phone challenge? What are your thoughts on the time you spend on your phone?

Photos that I’ve taken on my phone in the last month.

FourFiveSeconds: new song from Rihanna

This has been a great year for music already and I can’t wait to share the newest song with you. For those of you that read up on The Victors & Vanquished this might be a repost but it’s so Hart Beat appropriate that I couldn’t not tell you guys about it too.

Last week our girl Rihanna released a new acoustic song in which she collaborated with none other than Kanye West AND Paul McCartney. This is such a crazy and great world! I love the new song and have been listening it to on repeat on the train. It’s not available on Spotify yet but it’s only a quick purchase on iTunes (or you can just listen to it here). I love how much it sounds so raw and different from Rihanna’s usual stuff.

P.S. If you like this song then you’ll probably like the Paul McCartney and Kanye collaboration “Only One” that came out on New Years Eve this year. I’m really hoping that this means a Kanye and McCartney album is in the works.

Also, I fan girled like a creep and found this really cool (and somewhat sketchy) behind the scenes look at the official music video. I want to go to there.