Girl Crush: Emma Stone in the New York Times

As if I wasn’t enough of a fan, our girl Emma Stone is interviewed in an article to be published in print today with enough personality and beauty to make me crush even harder than before. The interview is between Emma and Eddie Redmayne, the actor who starred in “The Theory of Everything.” In it the two young stars discuss how they both told their parents they wanted to be actors, what it’s like having the paparazzi outside your house everyday and what being in a relationship in hollywood means.

I loved hearing what Emma thinks about the fame that she’s garnered over the years. It was also amazing to hear her talk about “Birdman,” for which she’s nominated for best supporting actress.
You can read the entire article online here and look for it in print on Sunday!

THAT POISE. And rings. They remind me of my favorites

Photos via The New York Times.

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