Top Five

Hey Hart Beat. There are so many movies coming out this time of year (thank god) and I can’t wait to get back to Brooklyn to catch up on them with Pedro. Other than the obvious selection that BAM will be carrying, there’s one that I really want to see before it leaves theaters.

Top Five, Chris Rock’s newest movie, looks hilarious and amazing. Have you seen the trailer? The movie was actually produces as an indie film but then was picked up by Paramount after the movie did so well at the Toronto Film Festival. It follows a comedian through one day in New York while he is interviewed for a New York Times profile. There are cameos by many real life comedians playing themselves in the movie (Tracy Morgan, Whoppi Goldberg and others) and the story ultimately speaks to contemporary fame and how comedy fits into the scene. For a full rave review you can read more on the Times website here. For me, and this is before seeing the movie, the premise reminds me a little of my three favorite movies of all time (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight) and I can’t wait to see what Chris Rock has to share with us.


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