Dear Sugar Podcast coming in 2015!

Hello my Hart Beat family. Long time no see! To break the radio silence that I have sadly been having on my end, I want to share some amazing news! Our favorite advice columnist and longtime life and love advocate Sugar (aka Cheryl Strayed) has given us the best gift this holiday season, a Dear Sugar Podcast!!
This December 15th WBUR, Boston’s public radio station, gave us Sugar fanatics a little episode teaser that explains the idea behind the weekly podcast and gives us a taste for the amazingness coming soon. The podcast is an advice column done over the radio (similarly structured to Dan Savage’s Lovecast, another favorite of mine) with people writing in asking for advice.
The podcast is hosted by none other than Cheryl Strayed herself and is joined by the other, less known, Sugar of Dear Sugar, Steve Almond. As the podcast explains in the first few minutes, Steve was actually the original writer behind The Rumpus advice column and reached out to Cheryl to take over the advice column after she wrote in as a fan. I can’t wait to add a little Sugar to my life every week this new year, and hope you’re just as excited as I am.

2 thoughts on “Dear Sugar Podcast coming in 2015!

  1. Cynthia Sterling

    Hi, love your Podcast and have read all your great books. What I wanted to know is if you have a playlist of your songs, at the beginning might be Nina Simone or now I forget & the other songs you play between each session.
    Would appreciate it…if you have that
    Thanks, a loyal podcast and book reader
    Cynthia Sterling

    1. hannah Post author

      Hi Cynthia! Thanks for leaving a note here. Unfortunately, I am not the person behind Dear Sugar, just a fan writing about it! I do know however that the song at the beginning is Nina Simone singing “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl” but I’m not sure what all the other songs are. You should write to Dear Sugar,, and ask! xo Hannah


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