Life organization part three: The email inbox

Hello and welcome to Hart Beat’s third installment of my unofficial guide to getting your life back in shape. In this newest bit, I want to talk to you about one of the most daunting organization tasks that I’ve taken on over the past few months. As you can probably guess, I am not one to keep to the controversial organization mantra of inbox zero, and so the idea of even looking through and attempting to organize my personal gmail account sounded crazy.
What inspired me to take a look at all the thousands of emails sitting in my inbox was a combination of a new job that I just accepted (eek!) and my growing obsession to keep my unread emails at zero at all times to avoid that annoying red number on my iPhone mail app. First, let’s talk about the new job. For the past year about I’ve been working at DNA Footwear as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. What this means in a nutshell is I have a hand in almost everything associated with the DNA Footwear e-commerce site and digital marketing. As much as I’ve loved working at DNA I’m excited to move on and start a position solely dedicated to email marketing at I am very sad to be leaving my main man Pedro, but it’s a great position and I can’t wait to work 100% in the email marking world.
Anyway, that in combination with my ever obsessive need to never have that annoying red number over my iPhone email app has brought me to the fact that I have to clean out my gmail account. For those of you wanting to do the same, here are a few strategies I would recommend:
1. Take a good look at your newsletter subscriptions. I decided that if I open the email 90% of the time (and no less) from a company then it’s probably a good idea to keep it (hello Madewell, The Everygirl and Need Supply Co.) other than that it’s unsubscribe to all! This way you can really focus on the emails that you enjoy to get.
2. Delete all old company emails. Now here is the  this is the trick I wish I knew ten years ago, go back and search all of these companies that you just unsubscribed and permanently delete all old emails. This way you can start from a clean place and never have to be reminded ever that at one time you subscribed to PacSun’s email newsletter list…
3. Dealing with those pesky companies that will never go away. I’m sorry American Cancer Society and Planned Parenthood, I completely support your cause but I would hope that after subscribing numerous times you WOULD STOP SENDING ME EMAILS. Unfortunately, they don’t so if you have a case like this I would recommend contacting the support team and seeing that your email is completely removed from their subscriber list. I’m happy to donate to you Planned Parenthood but next time, I am most definitely not giving my email address because you seriously never go away.
4. Remove notification emails. Tell sites like Facebook, Venmo and Twitter that you don’t want them notifying you that someone has tweeted or tagged you, that’s what push notifications are for yo!
And that’s it! Well, at least those are the first couple of steps. Other than that I’ve just been winging it and trying to delete as many personal emails as my hording conscious will allow. How about you, Hart Beat? Any suggestions on how to attain this crazy idea of inbox zero? Or are you happy to see all the emails you’ve ever received sprawled out across your screen. I would love to hear!

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