Life organization part one: The wardrobe

Hi Hart Beat. Now that Pedro and I have started our not-so-secret project, I’m happy to say that Hart Beat is going to get a little more personal and a little less magazine-y curated. For better or for worse this is the way of the future! Get on board or migrate over to The Victors and Vanquished for what you’re missing from Hart Beat.
Have you heard that expression that talks about your life going well in three different sections? It goes something like there are three parts, your home, your work and your romantic life, and at no time can all three go well together? Well, now that I’ve got my romantic and work life together, the time has come to clean up my apartment life in Brooklyn.
For those of you who know me personally, I have one of the most ideal living situations. I found my charming three (aka two and a living room) Greenpoint apartment the fall that I moved down to the city. It wasn’t easy to find but now that I’m here I can say that wild horses couldn’t pull me away from this place. What’s the problem then? I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF HART BEAT. So much. So many clothes, so many knickknacks, so many books, so much kitchen stuff… the list could go on forever. In my first attempt to simplify my material life, I’m going to take a good look at my closet this week and keep track of the things I actually wear. Next weekend my mom is coming down to the city and I want to send as much home as possible. You have any suggestions for weeding through your closet, Hart Beat?

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