Charts about Serial (and how to pronounce Mailchimp)

Happy Wednesday, Hart Beat! I hope your week is going well and that today flew by for all of you at work. Why you ask? Because tomorrow is Thursday! Serial Day!!

Announcement: This is not a post about getting you to listen to the podcast Serial. If you don’t know what Serial is read up, download old episodes and start listening. I promise it’s good (I’ve gotten my entire office, roommate and mom to start listening to it.)

What I really want to share with you tonight are these hilariously beautiful charts. Earlier today I came across the amazing twitter account This American Chart (ha) and have since been obsessed with these charts below. They are exactly what I think when I listen (hello Mailchimp lady) and I laughed so hard reading them. “It’s an ad for Best Buy” and the venn diagram “Tweets About Serial” are everything. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do and happy listening tomorrow!

 Thanks to The Bold Italic for these charts by Michelle Rial.
And thanks Chris for sending me this text last night:

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