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Three work shoes for winter

Hi Hart Beat! I’m still home in the Berkshires but am really looking forward to heading down to the city tomorrow. As some of you might know from reading this blog here, I’ve just accepted a new job to work on the Digital Marketing Team at Food52! I’m sad to be leaving DNA Footwear (aka Pedro) buttttt I’m excited to be back in the city working for a new company.

I’ve been trying to prepare as much as possible for this winter before January hits and I cold from fingers to toes. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is footwear for the winter.

I have this great pair of winter booties that I got a few years ago that will be great for getting too and from work. What I’m looking for now are a few pairs of shoes that I can keep at work and wear throughout the winter at the office. This way I won’t have to worry about ruining any nice shoes in the snow, salt and sand. I know that some of you don’t work in an office and are on your feet all day, rather than sat down. If this is the case for you then the shoes I have found won’t be any good for you as you need to find a good pair of shoes that can help a great deal in increasing your standing comfort. This way you won’t get sore feet after being on your feet for hours. Luckily, I don’t have this issue as I am at a desk. The only problem is picking out a new pair of shoes! Want to help me out, Hart Beat? What do you think of the options below? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are still going on… it’s time to act fast!

Option One: The sleek loafer. This pair has been on my radar for a while now. I love loafers and these look like the perfect combination of professional, comfortable and sleek. Also, Sézane, hello french style. These Dali Pumps are just what my inner parisian wants.

Option Two: The cut-out bootie. One of the great things about finding a great office shoe for the winter is not having to think about all those pesky things like weather and warmth. This pair of cut-out booties would be great to sip on and add a great little twist with a colorful pair of socks. Below are the great Jeffrey Campbell Muskrat booties that you can purchase here.
Option Three: Low heel white booties. These Sam Edelman Petty Booties have been on my radar since we first got them in at DNA. They come in black, honey and bone but I am loving these white ones. They would be great to slip on and off and white is such a bold color in the winter that it would be great to know you get to wear them without worrying about the elements destroying them. You can purchase the Petty Booties here.
Thanks Emerson for the top photo.

No games this winter

Hey Hart Beat. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you spent it! I came home to The Berkshires this holiday season and was pleasantly surprised by a huge snow storm that we had on Wednesday and Thursday. The town is completely blanketed in snow and my parent’s house lost power all Wednesday night and Thursday morning!

What this time at home has proved to me is how little I want to mess around this year with the cold weather. As my favorite friends from Norway once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” This winter my fabulously fashionable boyfriend introduced me to a brand that I could not recommend more for winter wear.

Alpha Industries has been around since the 1950’s and makes affordable military grade cold weather gear. Traditionally, the company made flight gear but this year marks their 55th anniversary so there is an entire line of new, contemporary designs on their website. I got the N-38 Women’s Winter Parka for this year and to be honest, I haven’t really taken it off since getting it. The coat has a fleece lined hood, keeps you warm in subfreezing conditions and has breast pockets to keep your hands warm. Just imagine this trendy Madewell coat but less expensive and military grade to keep you really warm.

So if you want to find an incredibly warm coat but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve found the jacket you’re looking for!

New Father John Misty Album

Hi Hart Beat. I have the best news! Our favorite non preacher musician Father John Misty has a new album coming out in the new year! Come February 2015 (yikes) a new album by the majestical man will be releasing. It’s called appropriately enough, I Love You, Honey Bear, as of now there haven’t been any singles released. The only thing us fans have is a video that has been on the cover page for a while.

I absolutely can’t wait for the album to come out and I really hope that “I Love You Honeybear” is on the album. I’ve been listening to it on youtube for a while but I would love to be able to listen to it on Spotify. Any new album’s your excited about for the new year?

Charts about Serial (and how to pronounce Mailchimp)

Happy Wednesday, Hart Beat! I hope your week is going well and that today flew by for all of you at work. Why you ask? Because tomorrow is Thursday! Serial Day!!

Announcement: This is not a post about getting you to listen to the podcast Serial. If you don’t know what Serial is read up, download old episodes and start listening. I promise it’s good (I’ve gotten my entire office, roommate and mom to start listening to it.)

What I really want to share with you tonight are these hilariously beautiful charts. Earlier today I came across the amazing twitter account This American Chart (ha) and have since been obsessed with these charts below. They are exactly what I think when I listen (hello Mailchimp lady) and I laughed so hard reading them. “It’s an ad for Best Buy” and the venn diagram “Tweets About Serial” are everything. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do and happy listening tomorrow!

 Thanks to The Bold Italic for these charts by Michelle Rial.
And thanks Chris for sending me this text last night:

Win a trip to Paris!!

Moi oui bien sur! That’s right! I said you can win a trip to Paris by reading this blog post! Unfortunately, Hart Beat is not at the stage right now where I can offer this giveaway but our friends at Madewell sure can. I received this email newsletter this morning informing me that all I have to do to be eligible to win a trip to Paris (with a plus one, Pedro get your passport) is by pinning some of the products they have selected for their gift guide.
I know that by sharing this news with you I am decreasing my chance of winning but, come on, it’s PARIS. How could I not share the good news? So pin away friends! And keep those Parisian styled finger-nails crossed!
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Life organization part three: The email inbox

Hello and welcome to Hart Beat’s third installment of my unofficial guide to getting your life back in shape. In this newest bit, I want to talk to you about one of the most daunting organization tasks that I’ve taken on over the past few months. As you can probably guess, I am not one to keep to the controversial organization mantra of inbox zero, and so the idea of even looking through and attempting to organize my personal gmail account sounded crazy.
What inspired me to take a look at all the thousands of emails sitting in my inbox was a combination of a new job that I just accepted (eek!) and my growing obsession to keep my unread emails at zero at all times to avoid that annoying red number on my iPhone mail app. First, let’s talk about the new job. For the past year about I’ve been working at DNA Footwear as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. What this means in a nutshell is I have a hand in almost everything associated with the DNA Footwear e-commerce site and digital marketing. As much as I’ve loved working at DNA I’m excited to move on and start a position solely dedicated to email marketing at I am very sad to be leaving my main man Pedro, but it’s a great position and I can’t wait to work 100% in the email marking world.
Anyway, that in combination with my ever obsessive need to never have that annoying red number over my iPhone email app has brought me to the fact that I have to clean out my gmail account. For those of you wanting to do the same, here are a few strategies I would recommend:
1. Take a good look at your newsletter subscriptions. I decided that if I open the email 90% of the time (and no less) from a company then it’s probably a good idea to keep it (hello Madewell, The Everygirl and Need Supply Co.) other than that it’s unsubscribe to all! This way you can really focus on the emails that you enjoy to get.
2. Delete all old company emails. Now here is the  this is the trick I wish I knew ten years ago, go back and search all of these companies that you just unsubscribed and permanently delete all old emails. This way you can start from a clean place and never have to be reminded ever that at one time you subscribed to PacSun’s email newsletter list…
3. Dealing with those pesky companies that will never go away. I’m sorry American Cancer Society and Planned Parenthood, I completely support your cause but I would hope that after subscribing numerous times you WOULD STOP SENDING ME EMAILS. Unfortunately, they don’t so if you have a case like this I would recommend contacting the support team and seeing that your email is completely removed from their subscriber list. I’m happy to donate to you Planned Parenthood but next time, I am most definitely not giving my email address because you seriously never go away.
4. Remove notification emails. Tell sites like Facebook, Venmo and Twitter that you don’t want them notifying you that someone has tweeted or tagged you, that’s what push notifications are for yo!
And that’s it! Well, at least those are the first couple of steps. Other than that I’ve just been winging it and trying to delete as many personal emails as my hording conscious will allow. How about you, Hart Beat? Any suggestions on how to attain this crazy idea of inbox zero? Or are you happy to see all the emails you’ve ever received sprawled out across your screen. I would love to hear!

Life organization part two: The finances

Hi Hart Beat. Welcome to part two of Hannah Hart’s guide to getting your life back in shape (not implying that you’re life is out of shape but I know that from my end of a 25 year old’s look at things, getting your life in order is HARD WORK… is it always like this? When do I grow up?) Anyway, off that rant, tonight let’s talk about part two installment, getting your finances together.
I have a horrible secret to admit, Hart Beat.. The first two years that I lived here in Brooklyn I was horrible at keeping any kind of budget slash any idea of what my finances were. I was working at a commission based job at the time (not that that’s an excuse) and I was by no means keeping track of what I was spending or where it was going. If I’d been aware of the articles over on, my knowledge of dealing with my personal finances would have been far better and I would have had less problems budgeting or getting to grips with things like credit cards and loans. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson the hard way and this past spring I had to take a serious look at the situation and what the next steps had to be.
Thankfully, my goddess of a roommate (hey Samantha heyy) is an expert of spreadsheets and organization. Her motto, in fact, is “Organization will set you free.” At first I laughed but now I can attest, she is 100% correct! She is so talented at finding ways to budget. To give you an example of just how good she is, she recently recommended a website called Utility Bidder to her workplace, and they now use it to source competitive prices for their business electricity! So, the two of us sat down, opened google docs and got to work. Now, just as an exercise for a few months, I write down every single thing that I spend money on to see at the end of the month how things look. It may seem crazy and over obsessive but I promise you that it has been working. I’ve actually been saving money! Crazy!
This all coming from a person who is completely against any kind of organization (see title above.) So there you go, Hart Beat, another life recommendation from my failure to do so. Go forth into this world of money spending, keep track and report back here.
Anyone else have any tips for a poorly organized girl’s bank account? Apps? Prayers? I’m open to anything.

Life organization part one: The wardrobe

Hi Hart Beat. Now that Pedro and I have started our not-so-secret project, I’m happy to say that Hart Beat is going to get a little more personal and a little less magazine-y curated. For better or for worse this is the way of the future! Get on board or migrate over to The Victors and Vanquished for what you’re missing from Hart Beat.
Have you heard that expression that talks about your life going well in three different sections? It goes something like there are three parts, your home, your work and your romantic life, and at no time can all three go well together? Well, now that I’ve got my romantic and work life together, the time has come to clean up my apartment life in Brooklyn.
For those of you who know me personally, I have one of the most ideal living situations. I found my charming three (aka two and a living room) Greenpoint apartment the fall that I moved down to the city. It wasn’t easy to find but now that I’m here I can say that wild horses couldn’t pull me away from this place. What’s the problem then? I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF HART BEAT. So much. So many clothes, so many knickknacks, so many books, so much kitchen stuff… the list could go on forever. In my first attempt to simplify my material life, I’m going to take a good look at my closet this week and keep track of the things I actually wear. Next weekend my mom is coming down to the city and I want to send as much home as possible. You have any suggestions for weeding through your closet, Hart Beat?

Everlane and the dream cardigan

Hey Hart Beat. How have you been?? I miss writing here but to be honest, I’ve been swept up in a new project that I promise, I will tell you about very soon! For now, let’s talk at how amazing this new Chunky Knit Cardigan looks. I want it. Now. I especially love it in the white and if I wasn’t on a spending freeze I would add this to my closet asap.
Anyway, to read more visit Pedro and my very top secret project here. (!) And as always, check out Everlane’s site to shop the entire collection.
P.S. This model is making me want pink hair so much right now.