What book should you read in your Brooklyn neighborhood?

Oh Hart Beat, Brooklyn Magazine has done it again. This month’s edition is completely dedicated to all things literary and I love it. One of my favorite articles (that I also emailed to all my friends who live in the Borough) lists all the books that you should read to coincide with each Brooklyn neighborhood. I love it. The only one that I’ve read is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and that was really only because it was a summer reading choice one summer. I feel like now I have to read the Greenpoint and the Sunset Park odes.


Greenpoint: The Great Man, Kate Christensen
“It happened every single day in Brooklyn: awaken to fresh glory, fall asleep to blight and ruin.”

Sunset Park: Sunset Park, Paul Auster
“He is twenty-eight years old, and to the best of his knowledge he has no ambitions. No burning ambitions, in any case, no clear idea of what building a plausible future might entail for him.”

Williamsburg: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Betty Smith
“There’s no other place like it.”
“Like what?”
“Brooklyn! It’s a magic city and it isn’t real.”

You can read the rest of the article here. Thanks Kristin Iversen, keep these amazing articles coming!


  1. I’ve only read the ones by Paul Auster and Betty Smith! Thanks!

    1. I haven’t read those Marta! I’ll have to add them to the top of my list!

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