Story, With Bird

Hi Hart Beat, I hope your fall is going well! Things have been going well in Brooklyn with a bunch of new projects starting up. I don’t want to give too much away now but Pedro and I have a project coming up, I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, the other day my mom called to tell me that there was a story in a recent New Yorker that I had to read. I finally got around to it this week and now I am so happy to share it with you.

The story is called “Story, With Bird” by Kevin Canty. I had never heard of the author before but after reading this amazing story, I now know that I need to pick up one of his short story collections and get reading. His most recent, Where the Money Went, is now on my must read list. Read on for a clip of “Story, With Bird” and then head on over to the New Yorker site to read the entire thing.

“Somewhere near the end, she decided that the drinking was the problem. So we stopped cold, both of us, in the middle of February. One of those winters where the sky looms over the town like a gray roof that never changes. Old ice and blackened snow in the gutters. It was maybe a mistake.

“It was maybe a mistkae, but she might have been right, too. I have since stopped drinking for reasons of my own. But back then it was a test –as everything was a test– of how much we would endure in order to stay together.

“And sober we stayed for the rest of the winter. It was interesting, in a way. It was a departure for us, from the long evenings of drinking and laughing and fighting and sex. We’d have some modest, healthful dinner and then watch a movie, and then it would seem like there was nothing else to do. She’d go to work in her little office downstairs and I’d go to bed and listen to the wind in the eaves, the branches scratching against the windowpanes. The days, of course, were actually better: no hangovers, lots of energy. I’d be up at six, before the dawn, and we were both getting a lot of work done. Yes, it felt penitential at times, but at other times it felt as if we had solved a problem, undertaken some new way of life, done an important thing and done it together.”

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