The perfect fall jacket

Hi Hart Beat. I know that it is CRAZY hot out today and this first week of September is not behaving at all like it should for the beginning of fall buuuutttt, let’s talk about this coat, shall we? I’ve been on the look out for the perfect fall/winter coat for this new year and have been haunting brands’ websites like Penfield and Woolrich for the holy grail. Obviously, the coat is made by my twin Emerson Fry. Don’t you love this Combo Parka? It’s expensive but I’m obsessed and I think that I need it for this winter.

I love all of Emerson Fry’s clothes and I wish that I could own the entire line. Everything is so well made and designed so perfectly that I just drool over her whole website. Also, THESE SHOES. Now I need a pair and there are none left in the galaxy in my size. Curse you big feet!!!

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