Essays to read on the train

Hey Hart Beat. My close friends and I have tried to start a book club a few times over the past year but it’s so hard to get everyone to agree on a book, find a time to get together and everything else. So instead we just email each other great books and suggestions. Both Wild and The Goldfinch were passed around (Wild A++++++ and The Goldfinch a solid B).

Anyway, I came across this great site the other day that shares a ton of essays with summaries and exactly where to find them. The article is called “Essays to Make a Better Person” and I have had such a great time reading the articles on my phone while commuting this week. My favorite so far are “The Love of My Life” by Cheryl Strayed (duh) and “Blindness” by Luis Borges (spanish major over here.) Enjoy the essays, Hart Beat! And let me know it the comments which ones are your favorites! Final note, my friend recently told me about some help he got with his essay. Apparently one of his favourite essay writers was offering essay support services through a similar service to edupeet. It was so interested to hear his process, so he tells me.

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