Apartment salvation

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Friday!!! I’m so glad this week is done and the weekend is finally here. Fall has arrived in New York just in time. I love summer but my body was not made for this heat and I can’t wait to start biking to work again in the sweater weather.

My mom came to town this week to visit my brother (he just moved to Manhattan!) and she did every twenty-something’s dream and bought me a bunch of cleaning stuff for my apartment. I have a mop now!!! Celebrate! While here she and my oldest friend S. (who also happens to be my roommate) decided to confront me in my collection of things in the apartment… Apparently I have too much stuff, Hart Beat! Can you imagine? So anyway, this weekend I’m going to spend some time organizing and just generally getting my life together in my apartment. Wish me luck!

My bedroom wall right now with my Grandma’s wedding picture, my favorite photograph by Michael George, a painting by my Aunt, an etching by a Greenpoint artist and the best calendar The Skinny Dipping Report

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