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Lingerie crush: Naja

Let’s talk lingerie, Hart Beat. I’ve featured a few brands on the blog before but, tonight I’m excited to share a great (and affordable!!) brand that I came across a few weeks ago. I cannot remember for the life of me where I came across Naja for the first time but I am so glad that I did. The brand creates beautiful pieces for an affordable cost, I can imagine so many sexy women from websites similar to ( enjoying these beauitful pieces. According to their website, “We did away with fake wind blowing into model’s hair and created a brand that could connect with smart, courageous, and sexy women.” Amen, sister friends, now we can feel like we should be a part of filming a scene for or the likes for our partners, or even just for our self underneath our clothes.
These ensembles below are my favorites. What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you know any lingerie brands to pass along to this fashion maven?

The Noir Audrey Hi-Waisted panties. (They are only 22 dollars!!!)

And the matching Noir Juliette Bra. That name, Hart Beat.
All photos via the Naja website.

If it wasn’t for you, I’d be alone

This song, Hart Beat. THIS SONG. I can’t stop listening to it and I know each and everyone of you is going to like it as much as I do. I don’t know who Mapei is but I will love her forever if she keeps making music like this. “Don’t Wait” is exactly the song that I wanted to hear right now. Thank you universe.

“Don’t Wait” By Mapei

(Image source)

What clothes mean to women

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Saturday! I’m hanging out in Brooklyn today and hope to stay in the borough all weekend (except for maybe for a trip to Chinatown for some dumplings). Anyway, I was reading the times this morning and came across this GREAT article that talks about a new book coming out next year. The book is written by three women, Sheila Heti (hey girl hayyy), Leanne Shapton, and Heidi Julavits, who have joined forces on a soon-to-be-completed book, Women in Clothes: Why We Wear What We Wear.
The book features different writes who speak about specific pieces from their wardrobe and what the clothes mean to them. As the New York Times describes, Women in Clothes is “A collection of surveys, essays, interviews, emails, diary entries, graphics and old photographs, the 500-page book records the daily rituals and reflections on body image from women around the world, from a high school teacher in Wisconsin to a Cambodian journalist.”
Women in Clothes hasn’t come out yet but I cannot wait to get my hands on it and take a look at what it says about other women’s relationships to their clothes. Women do love clothes and a tshirt quilt may also be the next best thing to invest in, it is extremely comfortable and it’s also recycling old tshirts which is the best thing to do as you are using old clothes to make something new – sustainable and you get a one-of-a-kind t-shirt quilt! The idea of this book struck so close to home for me. I love clothing and often think (as probably most women do) about how specific pieces reflect my personality or mood to the rest of the world. Our fashion choices can say a lot about us as individuals, so finding clothes that we love should be ultra important. Places like Gifts for Women feel similarly about the importance of women’s fashion, and their articles may be worth taking a look at if you’re interested in the ins and outs of fashion at the moment.
As the New York Times describes: “Women in Clothes” provides a window into the endless factors that go into women’s decision making when it comes to dressing. An everyday struggle may be the choice of what to wear to the office, but also how to accessorize your uniform at an Israeli military checkpoint.
And it’s right. In today’s society how you look and how you represent yourself to the world as a woman can be difficult. Even in New York I feel the pressure. Always to look better, always to look more beautiful. This can be impossible when you’re riding the L train with a group of models just casually hanging out on their day off! I hope this book can shed some light onto this thought process and maybe, by hearing different women talk about their experiences, it will make us all feel a little less alone.
(Top photo via Her New Tribe and Women in Clothes.)

Apartment salvation

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Friday!!! I’m so glad this week is done and the weekend is finally here. Fall has arrived in New York just in time. I love summer but my body was not made for this heat and I can’t wait to start biking to work again in the sweater weather.

My mom came to town this week to visit my brother (he just moved to Manhattan!) and she did every twenty-something’s dream and bought me a bunch of cleaning stuff for my apartment. I have a mop now!!! Celebrate! While here she and my oldest friend S. (who also happens to be my roommate) decided to confront me in my collection of things in the apartment… Apparently I have too much stuff, Hart Beat! Can you imagine? So anyway, this weekend I’m going to spend some time organizing and just generally getting my life together in my apartment. Wish me luck!

My bedroom wall right now with my Grandma’s wedding picture, my favorite photograph by Michael George, a painting by my Aunt, an etching by a Greenpoint artist and the best calendar The Skinny Dipping Report

I’m into you

Hi. Happy hump day, Hart Beat. I’m so glad that the week is on the last days and the weekend is almost here. Do you have plans for the weekend? P. and I are thinking of starting a new project and so we might be doing some exploring of New York on Saturday. I love this city. Anyway, I came across a great artist the other day and I think you would really like him. Have you heard of Chet Faker? He’s been featured here on the blog before but if you haven’t then this is a great song to start listening to. Hope you like it, Hart Beat.

Chet Faker singing “I’m Into You”

Essays to read on the train

Hey Hart Beat. My close friends and I have tried to start a book club a few times over the past year but it’s so hard to get everyone to agree on a book, find a time to get together and everything else. So instead we just email each other great books and suggestions. Both Wild and The Goldfinch were passed around (Wild A++++++ and The Goldfinch a solid B).

Anyway, I came across this great site the other day that shares a ton of essays with summaries and exactly where to find them. The article is called “Essays to Make a Better Person” and I have had such a great time reading the articles on my phone while commuting this week. My favorite so far are “The Love of My Life” by Cheryl Strayed (duh) and “Blindness” by Luis Borges (spanish major over here.) Enjoy the essays, Hart Beat! And let me know it the comments which ones are your favorites! Final note, my friend recently told me about some help he got with his essay. Apparently one of his favourite essay writers was offering essay support services through a similar service to edupeet. It was so interested to hear his process, so he tells me.

The perfect fall jacket

Hi Hart Beat. I know that it is CRAZY hot out today and this first week of September is not behaving at all like it should for the beginning of fall buuuutttt, let’s talk about this coat, shall we? I’ve been on the look out for the perfect fall/winter coat for this new year and have been haunting brands’ websites like Penfield and Woolrich for the holy grail. Obviously, the coat is made by my twin Emerson Fry. Don’t you love this Combo Parka? It’s expensive but I’m obsessed and I think that I need it for this winter.

I love all of Emerson Fry’s clothes and I wish that I could own the entire line. Everything is so well made and designed so perfectly that I just drool over her whole website. Also, THESE SHOES. Now I need a pair and there are none left in the galaxy in my size. Curse you big feet!!!

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Hi Hart Beat. I hope you had a great weekend. I had the best time and am really wishing that it was another long weekend now. I love reading the New Yorker every week and lately I’ve been combing through the poetry archives. I came across this one and thought of you. I love writing letters and sending mail. You got anything good lately, Hart Beat?

The Lost Art of Letter Writing
by Eavan Boland

The ratio of daylight to handwriting

Was the same as lacemaking to eyesight.

The paper was so thin it skinned air.

The had was fire and the page tinder.

Everything burned away except the one

Place they singled out between fingers

Held over a letter pad they set aside

For the long evenings of their leave-takings,

Always asking after what they kept losing,

Always performingeven when a shadow

Fell across the page and they knew the answer

Was not forthcomingthe same action:

First the leaning down, the pen becoming

A staff to walk fields with as they vanished

Underfoot into memory. Then the letting up,

The lighter stroke, which brought back

Cranesbill and thistle, a bicycle wheel

Rusting: an iron circle hurting the grass

Again and the hedges veiled in hawthorn

Again just in time for the May Novenas

Recited in sweet air on a road leading

To another, then another one, widening

To a motorway with four lanes, ending in

A new town on the edge of a city

They will never see. And if we say

An art is lost when it no longer knows

How to teach a sorrow to speak, come, see

The way we lost it: stacking letters in the attic,

Going downstairs so as not to listen to

The fields stirring at night as they became

Memory and in the morning as they became

Ink; what we did so as not to hear them

Whispering the only question they knew

By heart, the only one they learned from all

Those epistles of air and unreachable distance,

How to ask: is it still there?

The Voyager, I love you

Hi Hart Beat. I can’t believe this is the first time that I’m writing to you about one of my favorite things to happen this summer. At the end of July, my favorite Jenny Lewis released her third solo studio album The Voyager. It took me a while to put aside the time to give the entire album and now that I have it’s all I can listen to. I can’t pick my favorite song to share here because I’m seriously in awe of every single one.

There have been a great couple of articles reviewing the album (this Slate one here was one of the best) and I couldn’t agree more with the critical acclaim that has come with the album. If you love Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley or music in general I can’t recommend listening to the full album enough. This one posted here is one of the songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. The other night I sang myself to sleep in my head with the song. I just love this woman so much.

For an amazing article about Jenny and her life read this article here from the New York Times Magazine from last month. Photo credit for the top picture goes to that article as well.