Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way

Hey Hart Beat! Gotcha! I’m pretty sure I had some of you pegged. What a classic opening line amiright?

You don’t know me, but over the next few minutes maybe you’ll think I’m cool enough to follow on IG (shameless social media plug).
When Hannah asked me to guest post on her blog, I said something along the lines of “pssh, girl you buggin! Me?! You want ME to write on your blog, have you read mine (shameless plug again #boutdatlife) it’s completely unlike yours, who’s gonna wanna read what I have to say?!” But really I was kinda hype.

After some serious lurking I’ve learned Hannah has fantastic taste in music, and has shared some great tracks. So I figured I’d follow suite and share some music I’ve been stuck on as of late.

Being a Brooklyn native there’s one particular genre of music that, for lack of a better term, warms my soul. That genre is hip hop. I like to think I have a pretty electric taste in music and can appreciate just about anything, but hip hop holds a very special place in my hear. I get it and hip-hop gets me. We have a special relationship, her and I.

So, without further ado, and before I get all teary eyed and emotional check out the homie Radamiz below.

“New York Don’t Love Me” by Radamiz

Shameless plug for my Instagram. I’m still the editor here, Pedro…

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