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Aigle: The best fall rainboots

Hi Hart Beat. One of the problems working for the beautiful DNA Footwear website is seeing all the amazing boots come in for this fall season. One of my favorite pairs is a beautiful style by Aigle. I love these boots from their cut, to their name (they’re called “Miss Juliette” for crying out loud!!)

I had never heard of Aigle before I started working at DNA but now they are all I think about! Aigle boots have been made in Ingrades, France since 1853. The band hand makes all of it’s shoes and the trick that I’ve heard they use is by creating the pieces out of one section of rubber instead of molding together (this way there are no holes to let water in.) Other than being extremely cute, the brand is made in France. Let me repeat that, the shoes are made in France. Done deal. I’ve been thinking of ordering the Miss Juliette Rain Bootie for so long and I think that when I get back from Maine I’m going to have to take the official leap and buy a pair. Too bad DNA doesn’t carry my size…

Thanks Play Like a Girl for these rad photos. The boots look baller on you.

P.S. I’m also obsessed with these pair of Jodhpur leather/rubber boots for fall. I might have to order them both…

P.P.S. Please watch this video that Aigle put together to announce the Miss Juliette boot. I don’t normally like cats but seeing these kittens play made my heart go like, woah.

Blogging vacation in Maine

Hi Hart Beat. I am so, so excited to be writing to you tonight. Why do you ask? Well, the answer is short (one word actually): VACATION. That’s right. Starting today I’m on a week and a half vacation from my job and my apartment in Brooklyn. Today my mom and I drove up to the island in Maine that I’ve been coming to since a child and I’ll be spending the rest of the week and all of next hanging out up here with my family. I’m sad to leave Brooklyn and my job but I am SO HAPPY because for the next week and a half I’ll be able to blog like I’ve always wanted. I’ve missed you Hart Beat!

I’m so happy these next ten days to read, write and relax. This Ernest Hemingway quote keeps repeating in my head. I’ll have to take it out of the library tomorrow.
For more photos follow my instagram this week. I’ll be posting up a storm.

Drawing the figure

Hey Hart Beat. How was your weekend? I hope it was a relaxing start to August! My best friend from college and I went out to visit her parents on the Jersey Shore yesterday and today. I forget how much I miss the beach sometimes..

Since moving to Brooklyn it’s been so hard to find time to do everything I love, see my friends and still have time to explore. One thing that I’ve stopped doing since moving here two years ago was continue the figure drawing that I started in college. The end of this week and entire next week I’m going to be spending some time in Maine with my family and I’m looking forward to drawing again.

One of my favorite masters to copy and study is Auguste Rodin. I always love seeing his sculptures in museums. They are all so romantic and beautiful, don’t you think, Hart Beat?

Couple féminin, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Musée Rodin
All drawings by Auguste Rodin.

Ain’t no sunshine

Hi. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately, Hart Beat. So much has been going on and I cannot believe that it is already August. Do you have any plans for this month? I’m hoping to spend some time in Maine and home in the Berkshires before the summer ends. And of course, I want to spend as much time in Brooklyn, my favorite place in the world (shh… don’t tell Madrid.)

Anyway, here’s a great song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and thought you might like. The Watson Twins are some of the best and they sing this song so good.